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  1. I have tried both active (battery ok) and passive pickups. I haven't contacted support yet, I thought maybe someone has already encountered it
  2. Guys, give some advice on the topic) I understand that some of you think that the problem may be in the hardware?
  3. With what exactly ?
  4. Signal meter, looks normal, green, without peak loads. Can you write in more detail what to check in the signal meter?
  5. Not so long ago, I began to notice that I don't like the sound of helix. The main problem is that the signal does not seem to be hot enough. It's like the volume on the guitar is slightly lowered. And everything was fine before, but I don't remember what update this problem started with. I tried different guitars (prs sc250, esp horizon with emg), tried turning on/off the PAD button, tried resetting to factory settings. Tell me what the problem may be, otherwise I have already broken my brain) I forgot to say that I play through studio monitors, but it also sounds the same when recording
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