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  1. Hi @Euripide! I'm very sorry for the late response. I've moved to Stuttgart, Germany and its been crazy. I used some equipment to test this [gear]; effects loop 1 has OCD>Riot>MX EQ, effects loop 2 goes back to the PSR MT15 effects loops to add digital effects between PRE and POWER amp [hx effects back]. I was able to create the proper flow for my setup using the latest firmware [flow]. I created a starting entry with Left (A) for Magnetic and Right (B) for Piezo [input - mixer 1, input - mixer 2], adding some effects ONLY to (A) and leave (B) clean. At the end of the chain, I created a Split Y [output - split y]. Has anyone come up with a fix for the PRS MT15's Clean Volume and Lead Gain pots? I think they use audio taper pots that really suck and makes it really difficult to control the levels. I'll add a Behringer MIC100 between PRE and POWER amp temporally.
  2. Good evening Everyone! I've been trying to achieve something very alike, but I guess I need your experience with this. I have a PRS (magnetic + piezo), which I'm plugging to the HX Effects in the following way: - Magnetic -> Input Left - Piezo -> Input Right I have tested both options at the beginning of the change: Mixer (MainLR with panning) and Main L/R (Send12), but nighter work, since one of the chains (A or B) get lost at the end of the chain (Split Y) I need to use to use the HX Effects with two separate chains (A and B)... BUT with a single exit: Output Left to plug it to a single AMP input. Thank you!
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