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  1. To clarify, why do you want the expression pedal to do this or part of it? Why not just use two separate pitch ("simple pitch" in the synth/pitch menu), and assign the -12 to one footswitch and +12 to the other? If you don't need the whole pitch sweep (ie. the classic whammy sound with all pitches in between, using the "pitch wham" in the synth/pitch menu), then the simple footswitch method is all good. DOn't expect the -12 and +12 to sound exactly like you are actually playing those notes, but they're convincing enough hopefully with the mix on each set to 100%. I've attached the patch to this post and I will put on customtone right away. It is a dual amp patch but I disabled one path so it wouldn't detract from the mix 100% on the two pitch footswitches. Please try it and see if it does what you want... let me know and I have a couple other ideas that I can post as well if this doesn't work for you, pitch-12+12fs.hlx
  2. I'll give it a shot. I will build a patch for this and post it up on Customtone under "eschworld" later today.
  3. I use multiple G10s. For Helix I use one base unit plus the wireless bud to go from guitar to helix, and one base unit and bud to go from 1/4" out to my P/A speaker. That usually works fine but sometimes if I don't turn them on in the right order (it seems), I get a weird feedback sound instead of the guitar signal. THis is rare and once I reset everything it works again. To your point, I have not tried charging a transmitter while simultaneously using the base unit and other bud for the guitar wireless. Intriguing and I have the capability to test this for you. I will try it tomorrow! I have no idea whether it will work but I will post again to let you know.
  4. I got the fremen big pack and although there are some patches I deleted and wouldn't use just because of my playing style, they were all quite fantastic. I kept about half of them and they are my main patches now, after I added wah and/or pitch shift and other stuff to taste. Great work fremen!!
  5. I think Helix LT would be ideal for you. You can even use your stomp boxes in the FX loop if you have some you want to keep. Helix sounds great and is easy to use, has the same processing as the bigger Helix, just fewer connection options (which are still abundant enough for many routing setups). The effects pedals are effectively indistinguishable from the real thing, and so are the amps. I have A/B'd some of the amps against Helix and many times could not tell which was which as I switched back and forth. I have three Helix LT now (two at home and one at my vacation home). I can freely move my patches from one to another (using HX Edit and a USB stick that came with Helix) so they are all effectively identical. I still use my tube amps occasionally at my home studio with a UA OX Box, but Helix goes with me wherever I travel and is my primary rig. You will need at least one solid P/A (FRFR) speaker for mono sound reproduction, two would allow for stereo use or louder sound. For that I use Yorkville PS12p and PS10p along with the sub (PS18s) and it is just an awesome setup. The PS12P is a really powerful and clean full range speaker suitable for small to medium venues and even works well outdoors with plenty of bass and headroom (1400W program power, for real). So if I want to go streamlined and self-sufficient, I only have to carry my guitar, Helix, and one PS12P P/A speaker along with two cables (guitar>Helix and Helix>P/A), a pick, plus one cable for going XLR to FOH if desired. Easy load in/out and setup/teardown. The P/A speaker is the heaviest item, obviously but has awesome handles and is easy to carry - also if you are going direct to FOH, you wouldn't even need to bring the P/A speaker unless you want it as a stage monitor. Hope this helps. D
  6. if you go on customtone and search for eschworld (user) I have two patches uploaded that closely resemble what you are asking about. I have both amps set to CENTER so you would want to go into each path output and pan LEFT and RIGHT. I have both delays and reverbs set up the same too, so you would want to change one to a chorus and/or change the delay characteristics in order to get the cool stereo sound you are looking for.
  7. eschworld

    Wireless Rig

    My solution to the cable problem is: Guitar with Line6 G10 plug "A" - sends signal wirelessly to the G10 base "A". Line6 G10 usb power cable is hidden behind the scenes. G10 base "A" sends signal via instrument cable, to the Helix Guitar Input. This cable extends into our "workspace" and is tethered as below. Helix with Line6 G10 plug "B" - sends processed signal wirelessly to G10 Base "B". The Helix power cable is tethered to the signal cable (above) using zip ties for ease of management. These are the only two cables visible, or seen entering our "workspace". G10 base "B" sends signal via instrument cable, to INPUT on FRFR/PA speaker. The cables are all hidden in the back with the exception of the Helix power cable and the instrument cable carrying the signal from G10 Base "A" into the Helix. It works like a charm.
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