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  1. Hi Guys, An update to let you know the end of the story. I just received the amp from the Service center. They had to change the motherboard… so it wasn’t the tubes. I’m happy that the amp is still under warranty. Cheers.
  2. HI Psarkissian, Joeleft, Thanks for your posts. @psarkissian I will try a last time with a Roland UM one mk2 midi interface to be sure that it's not a midi issue at all, but in the meantime I have contacted Audiotronic in Bordeaux, France. It's the nearest authorized service center (at 350 km from my home). I will keep you posted about this aventure.... I hope it will be ok because i liked the sound of this amp. It's a second hand from a guy that didn't liked it after 6 months, so I hope the warranty will work for me. @Joeleft yeah, I agree. I saw a lot of posts in this forum regarding midi issue with DT25/50. I think L6 made a bad design. Too bad because linked with the HD500x, it rocks ! If it's the tubes, I saw that Eurotubes sells special kit for DT25/50 with bias indication to do it yourself. It may be worth a try for less that 100$. It could resurrect it ...
  3. Hi, Same issue for me . The amp is only 6 month old and it’s bricked after a firmware re-install and there is no way to rollback. I Tried with Mac OS and W10 with a miditech midiface 2x2 usb interface and after that with my X32 with no luck. Even if I start in safe mode or if I try the reset method, no results ! I have tested all solutions provided by others on the line6 forum. No results at all. Any clues ?
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