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  1. That's good to hear! I don't like the new Logitech G HUB, Much prefered the older Logitech Gaming Software it ran smoother, was better in the customization and all. but I've never had any USB issues untill now. But i'm happy everything is solved, and everything works fine now.
  2. Hi Per, Thanks for the update. There is nothing wrong with the Line6 software / hardware or even the drivers. what I found out is that it was interfering with some other applications I had running at that time. As said I think the Logitech G Hub software is a bigger problem overall (not going to talk about that on a Line6 forum) I did read all the instructions before installing the Line6 software and as said closed all the applications I thought needed to be closed but didn't know Logitech G HUB was a problem as well, because it doesn't provide me any sound ( only drivers for mouse and keyboard ) What goes for your last statement about "NEVER EVER have ANY open applications when installing applications, drivers utilities or what ever on a windows machine. This is in my opinion just nonsense (no offense) I work in the IT and we install applications drivers and utilities on a daily basis but never have any problems on windows machines or even servers. it all goes into doing the research on what is compatible with the software and what is not. My Update went smooth, and I love the latest release it's really nice and I love the presets you can download. Kind regards, Wxam
  3. I've installed HX Edit 2.90 on my PC after deleting 2.92 and everything works fine now.
  4. I've tried this, As i'm a administrator on my own computer and the Helix works fine on the USB ports. Normal run and even run as admin doesn't work The helix is on version 2.92 because the Line 6 Updater program works fine it's just the HX Edit that won't open. Think i'm gonna look if it will work with the 2.30 version of HX Edit. The Helix is also turned on and plugged into a direct usb port
  5. Hey! I've right clicked the application in my taskbar and closed it, you don't have to deinstall it. I had to close like almost all my apps spotify, and also Logitech G Hub after that it worked fine
  6. Hi DunedinDragon, Thanks for the suggestion. I looked around a little more yesterday evening and found out that the Logitech G HUB was causing the BSOD when I turned on the board. Everything works fine now, The Only thing I still didn't figure out is why my HX Edit won't open. I open the .exe but nothing pops up even with the helix plugged in. Kind regards, Wxam
  7. Dear reader, I've bought the Helix LT a couple of days ago. After trying it for some hours I wanted to go into the Helix edit to try and make some custom tones and update the helix as it is on version 2.30. Unfortunately every time I plug in the Helix and turn it on my PC crashed with a BSOD saying "system service exception" It's an up to date windows 10 PC with all the latest drivers and everything. Hope you guys can help me out with this one. Kind Regards, Wxam
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