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  1. Update: went to the store with my guitar and my cable, tried another until, same results ... so I tried with another cable, same...tried a strat with single coil in the bridge pickup...for this one I had to disable the PAD since it was too quiet...with the pad off sounded ok...but still lifeless. I will stick to use it as I did until now 、hours of tweaking . Thanks to everyone who helped with the Issue. @datacommando Thanks! I never use the presets that came with the unit, I build my own ones and of course sounds much better. The issue is that watching videos on YouTube, like the one I posted, using just an amp, no od, no tweaks, the tone is amazing, while mine sucks.
  2. Sorry for the misinformation, dull and lifeless sounds like the accurate description. unfortunately I don’t have a second cable, but I will go to the store and try another helix, with my guitar and a different cable, so I can figure out where the issue is. I will try to do it tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I will share what happened then. Thanks!
  3. Sorry, I forgot to provide those details, Guitar volume/tone at max, using the bridge pickup
  4. thanks everyone for the comments, @codamedia I tried what you said, but the issue persists. Right now I’m in japan so I don’t have a pc with me...and don’t know when I will get one. So I used my iPhone to record through USB, it loses some quality, but not that much, and the amount of distortion gain you can listen is still the same... Regarding the cable, The brand is “providence”, not the most exp, but not a cheap one. Forgive me for the sloppy play, it’s 1am here and it’s not the purpose of the video. I don’t know how explain this one.. maybe saying lack of gain is wrong I guess... the distortion sounds nothing like in the other videos.
  5. Tried a replica of everything....if its close, I get it...but not even close yeah, guitar could be the issue if it is a LITTLE different, but the tone is 100% different, I agree it is the same device...but sounds like a different one. I tried different guitars, also the other guy commenting in the video has 3 guitars, I contacted him and he has the same problem with all of his guitars. on his page you can find all his settings, I copied everything...also tried other settings cause we are using different guitars...still, not even closer... Im using a PRS custom 24. He is recording thought USB and Im copying his settings....I get what you say, and you are 100% right...but the could be that different, the same amp sounds almost clean on my helix. Im playing thought headphones (he is also playing thought headphones and recording through USB),. I have the volume knob at max cause I control the preset volume from the ch volume on the amp. So its just Guitar - > Helix -> headphones...let me know if Im missing some information. Thanks. He is Yes, none of my amps are breaking up...i always need some OD to push it...maybe I should try a factory reset, I will try at home tonight and will let you know how it went. I will also check the input setting before doing the factory reset.
  6. I’ve owned a helix LT for almost a year, the problem I have it since the first days, the presets pre installed sound nothing like in the videos on I gave up on using them, then noticed that when creating a patch, I had to add compressors or ODs before the amp to get a decent distortion... recently I found this user on YouTube called, and he has this video (link below) where he shows how each amp sounds just with default helix doesn’t sound even closer to that, there is also another user commenting the same.... I went to this guy webpage and copied this settings on the helix, give you an example, the tweed blues brt at 0:48, It sounds so clean on my helix, I can’t get that driven sound even setting the drive at max. Can someone try the tweeed blues bright with just a low high cut eq (400-5k)and room reverb at the end and let me know if sounds like that? thanks in advance
  7. Ooooh Thanks for the additional info!!
  8. Thank you so much! It was so good explained :) have a nice day!
  9. Hi, after a month of getting frustrated trying to find the tone I want, I started to use low and high cuts on the CAB and just WOOOW, that was all I needed, specially for a Mesa amp/cab that has so much bad freq, but then I realized that the reverb block also has a low/bass pass filter, which I’m turning off since it comes with a default setting that cuts the lows and I have two questions. 1) why do we have a low high pass filter in the reverb if we are already cutting from the cab block? - for those who use real cab because they don’t need a cab block? 2) if I set the low cut at 110hz and high at 8.0khz on the cab block, makes it any sense to cut it again on the reverb block at the same freq or for exameple at 100hz 9.0khz? If that freq are already being filtered on the cab block thanks in advance.
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