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  1. DSP limitation is always an isue with these units...why cant they put stronger processors in those devices? Which are the problems? Heat ,power supply etc.? Is software amp/fx modelling not better qualitywise then....you could use the full power of a strong pc processor...at least for recording
  2. thanks,I guess, I will now focus on an full range "engineered" sound for the studio monitors/PA...with all this creepy device has to offer (mics,cabs,full amp models ,eq) rather than desperately trying to make the hd to act like a tubepreamp in a traditional setup with poweramp/guitars speakers (without cab and micssims)...that would be like a japanese car without all its technical gimmicks...
  3. thanks , good tipps... I will have a look on your post!
  4. Hi, after 3 month of tweaking the hell out of my pod hd400 I still dont get any sounds I really adore...I must say I am gear head (tubes) and used to tweaking... I also own modelling units from Boss (Gt-8) and Vox (tonelab LE) where I have no problems to dial in a good sound in minutes that even cuts through the mix... After trying and trying I came to the conclusion: You cant get a decent sound just with the "amp knobs" ! It takes heavy ADDITIONAL EQing to get half rid of that crappy pod 2.0 Mickey Mouse flavour which I hated from day one. I use it in my home studio with mixer/ studio monitors...any tipps for an approach with that setup?
  5. yeah,thanks...this thing has waaay too many interacting possibilities for a plug and play guy like me...so my new approach will be to strip that down (just the amp modeling without cabsims etc.) to a good sound with a tube poweramp and guitar cab....first with the preamp versions,then compare it with the full amp models......A second feed from the studio xlr output site will go to the mixer with a palmer cab sim....I did the same with my Tonelab LE and that worked very well...but the LE has a GREAT natural cut through midrange right out of the box...awsome device!
  6. yes, I plan an eq in the loop BECAUSE...For 5 Weeks now I've been trying to dial in a good Marshall sound THAT CUTS THROUGH THE MIX...with no success... With my Tonelab LE it takes 2 minutes Now my approach is to dial in a good tone and then do the "cut through the mix" tweak with the hardware eq in the loop
  7. sorry,for the late response...yeah , its live cab....the Problem is, when you turn on "no cabs" in Edit the live cabs and all colourations (???) are gone, which is great when running into a tube poweramp with guitarspeaker... BUT at the same time the cabsim is also disabled in studio mode (xlr)...not good, as I am running into the mixer...so I need an external device for that....not good Line 6! AND I am NOT SURE if theres still eqing involved (stackAmp) Once again, I am talking about DUAL MODE...
  8. Hi there, as I dont like any extra colouring (live cabs) when I go into a tube poweramp/real guitarcab with the pod hd 400.....the problem with the dual output mode is: when I turn off the cabsims in "Edit" ("no cabs"), it is also disables them on the studio output side (xlr balanced outs). So I have to use an external device for that...not nice! How do you deal with that... thanks Olly
  9. I just checked it out today and I noticed that in in all moduses (live/dual/studio) you can dial in the cabsim...which is totally disappointing as I use this unit in dual mod (to poweramp/mixer/pa) That means: you have to use the cabsim because otherwise you get an ugly "naked" signal on the mixer/pa... So, when you disable the cab mode ("none") you must use an external hardware cabsim on the live output to the mixer/pa... ...even the old V-Amp from BEHRINGER could handle that...
  10. Hi, with the latest firmware for the HD400 you can switch off the cabsims in the edit software.... but what happens if I use the live output setting? Is there a special ("live mode") capsim enabled when I take the "stackAmp" option (direct to the poweramp in of a head) or do I really get the pure amp model ( preamp model) without any colouring? My signal chain is: guitar-Pod HD 400 - Peavey Windsor Head (poweramp in) - Marshall 4x12 Thanks Olly
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