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  1. Okay, so I changed it to 48kHz like you said and it worked ! Thank you so much for your help ! :D
  2. Thank youfor your answer, i'll try to do that tomorrow. Have to go to sleep rn but I'll try to do it once I have access to my computer.
  3. Literally all I'm using is a shure sm57 that goes into my UX2, which is connected directly to my computer. I just want to record myself in acceptable quality, so this is all i got right now. As for registering, I tried studio one 3, audacity and the windows vocal recorder (for tests) and they all recorded out of tune sound.
  4. Hello, I'm planning to start recording and I have a huge problem with my gear. When any noise goes through my microphone (Shure SM57) and my sound card (Line6 UX2) it goes out of tune, something like half a step lower, no matter if pod farm is on or not. People I chatted with have noticed it and it makes recording impossible. I don't know whether the problem comes from my sound card, my microphone or myself, and I would like some help, I have no idea what's happening.
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