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  1. dvscool70

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Sorry, but I beg to differ. One of the top reasons I bought the Helix was because the community ranted about the regular updates. Having said that, I'm fine with waiting. But Line6 can do a better job at setting customer expectations. I mean, this was announced at nam. That was a long time ago. Spring has no come and gone. And we still have no idea. All I'm saying, is set expectations.
  2. dvscool70

    HX factory presets question. New user.

    I've only had my Helix for a month (ish). I think to suggest pre-sets are non-usable is a bit of a stretch. They give you lots of ideas, examples, which is all they are really for....in my opinion. I can't imagine finding a pre-set and thinking "that's my new tone"....but that's just my opinion. If you are think they sound that bad, maybe you do have a problem with the unit...or, consider what you are playing through....