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  1. Thanks for the responses guys! Couple of new ideas there for me. Cheers, R.M.
  2. Also, does anyone seem to have the same problem as i do? When trying to find a new tone or build a new patch, i always somehow end up making them sound very similar. Obviously this is my ear making the patch sound how i like it, but sometimes its frustrating to fall into the same box with every new patch hahaha. I guess i just have a certain sound that i like!
  3. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night! What's your methodology for building a new patch? Do you start with an idea already in your head for what amp/cab you will use, or the sound you are going for? Do you scroll through amps first, then cabs, then effects? Do you use a template patch for effects and then just play with the amps/cabs? Whenever i start a patch, i usually scroll through amp+cab blocks to find something i like. Then i'll use just the amp block from that, and play with cabs. Then i'll sort out the amp settings to get the base tone i want. Then ill mess around further with cabs and mic settings. After this, ill add my compression to taste. Then i'll work with EQ blocks to get the perfect base tone. Final adjustment of amp settings if required. From there, i start adding effects - generally pretty similar across patches. How do you do it? What's your methodology? Cheers, RM
  4. This is a thread that I want to hear the verdict on! Even on the difference from low end to mid range cost speakers.
  5. Hey there Helix Forum! I am seriously considering swapping to the Helix, as opposed to my traditional pedal board. It has been weighing on my mind for months now. Cost wise, my pedal board upgrade will be equivalent to buying a Helix and 2x Alto's. Also i could sell my current pedal board and nearly have enough for the Helix. I have been doing some research into running FRFR speakers instead of through guitar amp, and I'm 99% sure that FRFR will be the way to go. My current amps include a HotRod Deluxe, Supro Saturn Reverb and a V40 Deluxe with cab. Most posts on what speakers to use reference either the ALTO 210 or ALTO 212. I will be looking to use them as one, or get two to run as stereo. My other question is what input is best from Helix to speaker? 1/4in????? Taking all recommendations. Also, any comments to sway my mind to swapping to Helix over traditional, I've probably heard it before, but push me over the edge! Im about 89.7% decided on Helix. Regards, Rory.
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