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  1. I’m sorry for be so ignorant, so I will have to use my Mac as the monitor, I don’t have to connect my headphones to my Helix for that right?
  2. Let me see if i can figure out, im new on this pedals no experience at all, thank you very much Verne-Bunsen.
  3. hopefully some one can help me with this, i just recently got my self a Helix, i come from having a POD HD500 and when i practice i just place my computer or phone thru the mp3 input, now how i do that in a simple way? please help i plug my computer sound into the input and is coming with all the effects and sound that im using with my guitar.
  4. Thanks a lot for the quick response.
  5. Hi guys this would be a great help for me, as i just got a hd500... I know is one the old ones : ( but i just starting to enjoying to play guitar, any way let me go to the point. I heard a bunch of nice patches for Helix and i was wondering if is possible for me to convert those nice helix patches to be used in my regular pod hd500. hope to heard something from all of you. thanks
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