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  1. I have noticed a pretty big difference in sound between the VDI connection and the 1/4" and I prefer how the guitar sounds when the 1/4" is plugged in. Out of the 2 batteries I received with the guitar, only one of them holds a charge, but only for about 1 day. These batteries seem to wear out very quickly. To power the guitar and get the preferred sound of the 1/4" connection, I used both plugs in order to get power to the CPU on the guitar. That's when the noise became noticeable. I have NOT been running these tests through my amp. I've tested only with headphones and also with an XLR connection to my audio interface, which gets routed through my Central Station, then reference monitors. Both cases produce the noise. I am going to take the gear to a different room on a different circuit and try there as well to see if the issue persists.
  2. So, can there be a ground loop created between the JTV69 and the HD500 (2 devices) via the VDI Cat5 network cable when a 1/4" mono plug is also directly connected between the guitar and HD500? Keep in mind, the ground is being lifted by the AC/DC adapter as it converts the voltage for the HD500. I don't have any other pedals yet in the chain between the guitar and the POD. When I remove either the Cat5 or the 1/4" cables, the noise goes away. So, there obviously is a noise loop between the two when power is applied from the HD500 through the Cat5. Would the Pyle or Morely help with this or could something else be going on? Does anyone know how much voltage is being sent through the Cat5 and which wire pairs are being used?
  3. I discovered something quite disturbing this week. In order to put stomp box pedals in front of the HD500, I was testing my Variax JT69US and HD500 by plugging in both the VDI and 1/4" cables to the guitar and setting the HD500 to accept only the GUITAR input. The result was an electronic sounding noise bed so loud, it was unbearable. This happened with both the Mags and Variax PUs. Unplugging the VDI connection and operating on just the battery works fine with no noise. There's obviously electrical interference causing this issue. Has anyone else experienced this or can reproduce it on their rig? Any Line 6 techs have an explanation and/or fix for it?
  4. I updated to HD2.0 shortly after the release. However, because of busy schedule, did not get a chance to really play with it until last night. I could not believe how bad a lot of the new models were and thought there was something wrong with the guitar. Alt tunings sounded bad too. Was very discouraged... This morning I checked the forum and found a lot of unsatisfied users on this issue and rolled back to v1.9. Much better...for now. When can we look forward to an updated update??
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