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  1. Ok Thanks Duncann. Too bad. With my old m9 i felt like the relevant parameters were always visible and you could use the few knobs you had to adjust them on the fly. I'll post the idea as you suggested. If they can't make the order customizable, they should at least try and guess which parameters people will want to see in the first window. Three parameters is enough to work with on the fly, but 8 is too many and its too many clicks to get there.
  2. First post. Using hx. So when using reverbs (or any effect), it would make sense to me if the parameters displayed in the first window were those that were most often used, like depth (or mix) and decay. I often like to change parameters on the fly, but i have to spill out all the parameters and the one i want is often on the second or third window. I'd like it if my most changed parameters were on the first window, so that i could use knobs 1-3 to quickly adjust things like depth, mix or decay. Instead when I click on Glitz reverb, the parameters that show up are decay, predelay, and low cut. I'm not in the habit of adjusting predelay or low cut very often, but I change decay, mix, depth all the time. What I would really like is if I could choose which parameters show up in the first window. Any suggestions here?
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