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  1. Yeah you're right, I said that because I'm a bit upset this happened without notice. The technical support team provided me with the service center contact, funny enough is on my way for this weekend's gigs so I've talked to them and I'm gonna drop it on the way tomorrow. I'll post an update after they tell me what's wrong and/or repair it. Cheers for the help Phil!
  2. Yeah, might be something simple, but just wanted to check if it was something that I could fix quickly before this weekend's work. The hx effects is what I use for my modulations and reverb effects in my chain, and the fact that suddenly stopped working means that it lollipoped me up for this weekend's gigs, so I might have to get something else and improvise with it. It looks is not the most reliable device for professional work, because even without dropping it or touching it has failed. I've had it for around a year and a half. I created a ticket, let's see what they say.
  3. Hello, This unit has always worked without any issue, but all of a sudden I connected it as usual and it didn't turn on. At the beginning I thought it was completely broken but because I was still hearing that click after turn it on, I tried connecting the USB to the computer and realized that it was working there as usual, and the effects too when connected to the amp. I've tried resetting and reinstalling the firmware but it's still the same. Have anyone experienced the same issue or something similar?
  4. Hi everyone, I just bought a expression pedal for the HX (a Roland EV-5). I tried to find an answer to my problem searching in the forum and google but couldn't find it. The issue is that I don't know how to adjust the minimum and maximum levels of the pedal in the HX, when I connected it for first time was working correctly, but this pedal has a volume knob and when I transport it the knob moves a little bit. So now when I put a wahwah for example the minimum level is ok but the maximum level is like 1 and it reaches the real maximum level at about 85%, impossible to use it like this. I can't find on the unit the option to reset the expression pedal or adjust the max and min. Did anyone have the same problem? Many thanks!
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