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  1. For now i just only connect Variax jtv first with the digital utp to the variax and from Variax XLR output to eris speaker TRS in (balanced) (i left right eris speaker out) Then i have a big hiss, not dependent of volume knob on Guitar. Even when not playing i got hiss. Tried the same with the standard (balanced TRS cable from Guitar to input Guitar on the Helix, .. Hiss. (off course remove the utp then).
  2. Hmm, i dit connect Variax with the shielded utp to the Helix lt and usb to the mini, phones from Helix to the headphone.. noise in the background (on quiet parts of music from youtube) i got ssssssshhh noisy like old tape recorders. And when i am not playing guitar or mp3s i hear a hissss
  3. I have a Helix with Variax (James Tyler) guitar and I have a Mac mini with it currently attached. A Tascam US 2x2. I regularly play music or watch Youtubes with tests etc. on the Mac, but sometimes I also want to play guitar, either through my headphones or sometimes through my presonus-eris-e5-xt-active-studio monitors. Now I always have the problem that I always have to start a Tascam app because the guitar is of course mono so if I just switch from my mini to guitar, I have to switch from stereo to mono, otherwise an irritant noise. Any idea for an external music card or mixer where I can connect all this directly and (easily) jump from one to the other? p.s. at the moment I am not running Big Sur (yet) because this will probably cause problems with my Helix.
  4. I have a Helix lt, Variax 89f guitar, and a Tascam us 2x2 on my mac. The Tascam used combined xlr trs. i want to buy Presonus Eris E5 xt monitors 2 parts but i need also 2 cables to connect the 2 monitors to the output of the Tascam. I only see xlr cables male to female, i need male to male? the monitors do have female? and the Tascam also have Female connector? is that correct?
  5. Ik heb inderdaad ook die software op mijn Mac staan. Ik heb er tot op heden nog niet veel mee gedaan. Ik heb enkele maanden geleden een Spider 30 watt V aangeschaft maar vrij kort erna de Helix LT. Ik moet even kijken hoe ik de Variax en de Helix aan mijn Mac mini koppel. Ik heb hier nog wel een Tascam us 2x2 staan of misschien koop ik wel een Vonyx VDJ25 DJ met speakerset. Dan kan ik (ook) eens met die Workbench aan de slag.
  6. I have a Variax 89F guitar, i wonder if someone have patches to emulate the Trini Lopez and Trini Lopez de luxe guitars.
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