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  1. I notice that in most venues I always get at least 1 red bar when switching channels
  2. I have gone through the troubleshooting guide. I do not know which mode I am currently in but I will check in a few hours when we I get to my house. On a positive note I ran in Hi power last night and did notice less frequency of losing green bars and I only had 1 drop.
  3. I just purchased a g50 3 weeks ago from guitar center. I am also having this same issue. Today I had at least 1 drop out per song in a 7 song set... and being that this is my job it's more than just annoying. I am using the supplied power and I also went through the process of scanning for interference to no avail. I have tried both Hi power and Low power... I typically run it at low as it's right on my pedal board in front of me. I have tried it in different venues in the past 2 week with the same results (random drops) as well as taking my pedal board out of the signal chain and just gone straight guitar -> Relay -> Amp which seemed to produce "less" drops but it still dropped. Flying back home tomorrow and will be taking the relay off my board and returning it on my 3 days off unless I can solve the issue here. Thanks for all the feedback everyone!
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