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  1. Picked up a mini X and all's working! Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know of a specific exp pedal that definitely functions well with the y cable/exp AND footswitch setup? Thanks!
  3. It's a bit of a random one... Mission Dual Expression pedal, Pigtronix branded. If I plug it in by itself, it functions normally... don't currently have another exp pedal to test with the y cable setup, but that could be the problem I don't know. Thanks for reply!
  4. Trying to connect exp pedal and footswitch... I have the trs-ts Y cable correctly plugged in I believe.. I'm getting the footswitch to function correctly as FS4, but the EXP doesn't sweep correctly. If I have it set to a parameter for 1-100, it sweeps up to 100 halfway through, then back down to 1 at the end of the sweep (as in heel > toe position). Global prefs/switch settings seem to be correct, but maybe I'm missing something.. any thoughts?
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