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  1. japrifer

    Loop in Amplifi

    Is it possible to add the features of a loop pedal to Amplifi? It is the feature I miss more in my amp.
  2. It happens with my presents and with factory presets as well. Clean tones and overdriven tones. My friend is using a sold state amp. I don't think the issue is related to presets but to the actual power of the amplifi. It is as if the amplifi splits power to the guitar and the backing tracks and half of the power goes to the guitar actually. I'm kind of lost...
  3. Hello. I have been usin Amplifi 75 for some time at home. Now I have to use it in a band and I just can't get enough volume out of it. My friend with a 60W amp sounds great whereas I have to mic my amp. What is the actual power output of the Amplifi 75? How can it be that my guitar doesn´t sound over the drums with a 75W amp? Thanks
  4. Hi everybody. I've read a lot about it and still haven't figured out one thing: The bank up and down buttons in the fbv shortboard mkii actually work with my amplifi 75? Can I access all the 100 presets that the amplifi 75 has with the fbv shortboard mkii? Do I need to have an android or ios device paired? Please enlighten me Thanks a lot
  5. I just can't figure out how to get for example two stomps in my chain. Any advice, please?
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