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  1. 2/2019... Unable to install Vyxex PocketPod Software on Widows 10 As for my issue has anyone else had problems installing Vyzex on a Windows 10 machine and if so did you have to do anything special to make it work? I purchased my PocketPod about 8moths ago and love the product itself BUT… I am truly frustrated with the Vyzex Pocket Pod Software and support. Feb 2019 I contacted support looking for help installing this software on a windows 10 machine. This software does install on a Widows 7 machine and works but I do not plan on keeping a Win 7 machine in service just to use this program. Support so far as been substandard for such a good name in the music world. I have attempted this install on 2 different win 10 machines without any success. The only suggestions that I have gotten from support was to try to install from a file that support attached to their email. This was the exact one that I have from their download site and nothing changed. After I offered a possible problem that might cause an issue but their response was a totally unrelated comment that had no relevance. Apparently they don’t know what they are talking about or cant understand a well written sentance. I am truly disappointed in the lack of help and or options to try. I am a Computer Tech and so a stupid response to me sounds quite condescending. Thanks for listening… I needed to vent. System: Gigabyte GA-z170mx Gaming 5 Motherboard, i7 7700k CPU, 32Gb DDR4 G-skill, EVGA 1070 OC Video with 8Gb GDDR5, and Samsung EVO 850 250Gb SSD, Windows 10 Home 64bit.
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