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  1. any recommendation for recording software using pod go ? what's simplest and good price (or free) software out there? i have no idea how to/ where to begin.. help me here. :)
  2. oh i am using guitar pickup LR Bagg Anthem..
  3. Thanks. i will try couple more things~
  4. Do you put preamp for acoustic? I got IR downloaded. but don't know whether i need to put preamp before IR.. I am using Martin OM18.. any setting recommendation you have?
  5. anyone who got the unit tell me the package (box) dimension size?.. i want to make travel ready pedal board.. and get it ready as my order comes in.. thanks.~
  6. What's the weight of this unit?~
  7. Spaceatl, thanks!! FX. return.. i didn't thought of it.. can't wait to get my hands on it.!
  8. input is only one right? i have tom anderson crowdster plus 2.. i was hoping i can have y cable to split the signal.. I know i can do it at HX 500 or Helix. but don't know about POD Go..
  9. i ordered one~.. when is the release date to the retailer? some says mid April.. some said mid March..
  10. Got it..the editor wasnt updated All good now..thanks.. There were updates on the hardware and software update. I was thinking if firmware update would update editor.
  11. yes it says 2.8 when I started .. it says on the screen 2.8. and HX Edit is v 2.8 as well. hm.. I will it again when I get home.~ thanks.~
  12. just finished the update as I follow the instruction but no new distortion/amp / or any new feature showing. what did I miss?~
  13. yes indeed, it looks nice.. bit higher price than i thought it would be.
  14. Roger . I will check back in a month.
  15. Is there any online store that can make custom plastic or polycarbonate material cover for Helix floor with dwg( CAD) file?
  16. i saw one or two reviews from Youtube that all three buttons got assigned. or is it possible? I could only do two..FS1 and FS2.. not the FS3.. am i missing anything? thanks always.~
  17. Oh. i c.. thanks. well looks like i gotta sell the voodoo pp+2..
  18. so anyone worked these two work together? Not just plug the original one to voodoo power plug. it just can't be done?..
  19. I know Mission brand has one dedicate for Line6 and rack model. Mission Engineering EP1-L6-BK but I see them bit heavy 4.3 lbs.. so I saw that Mission has Carbon Expression pedal which is under 2 lbs.. will it work like Mission Engineering EP1-L6-BK?
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