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  1. I haven't had any problems with my UX1 ever since I disabled it from being default audio playback source in Windows, which would be quite stupid anyway in my use, since I want it to assist me with playing and recording, not playing random Windows bleeps. I'm only using it with ASIO. The random sounds and generic multimedia goes through on-board soundcard. I have the latest drivers installed, POD Farm, Monkey, all of it. No problems so far. Apparently ASIO model doesn't change much, or they take car of backwards compatibility.
  2. Hi, I've been experiencing similar behavior with my UX1 and W10. When using a web browser, the sound output drops completely all of sudden, while the system reports that the device is working correctly. Sound input from mixer through a jack to input 1 still functions, I can do speaking exercise in Duolingo after the sound has dropped. I just don't get any output. Detaching and reattaching USB cable turns the device LED red and the device is left unresponsive. Line6 software still does not report any errors, and the device is reported to work fine by OS. Rebooting relieves all symptoms. Device manager does not seem to record any logs specific to the issue. Setting a sample rate in W10 device properties does nothing to prevent it happening.
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