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  1. Thank god I came across this post. I had the same problem and this got me going again. Thank you for the info my friend!
  2. Yeah, run your acoustic direct to a PA if possible and use the POD for effects. Sounds so much better than trying to run through an electric amp. And yes, you don't need to use amps for electric anymore if you don't want to. Run it straight to the PA with the POD. I use it that way with my Gretsch. Even Mark Knoppfler's latest concerts are done using sim amps.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Only problem is I am using a UX2 so I need to use Podfarm to get it to operate as far as I'm aware.
  4. AusMakka

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Just recently bought the POD HD500X because I couldn't afford the Helix system. Now they come out with this just weeks later!!!
  5. Thanks rdownings. Yeah the HD500 is another I am looking at. Thanks for the info!
  6. Hi all So I'm after a smallish multi effects for live use. It has to suit electric and acoustic situations. How reliable do you guys find the FX100 in this situation and for ease of use? The FX100 seems to be within my price range. Thanks all
  7. No, doesn't seem to be any support. I just got moved on in my ticket.
  8. Hey Peregrino69. Yeah I set my Playback through the onboard speakers and through the preferences of Cubase itself I set the output to the UX2. I don't believe you can set it individually through windows. I have seen mentioned software which will let you specify to Windows what program plays where but I'm just keeping it simple. So looking at the image you posted change your Output to your onboard speakers, but in your DAW (if you're using one) go to the preferences and have it output through the Line6 device. I wish Line6 would help solve this issue because I've seen it mentioned many times on the web but no solid fix for it.
  9. I took piplineaudio1's advice and am just using the UX2 for cubase. Everything else runs through onboard sound. Have had no problems since. I opened a ticket to Line6 and they said try re-installing (sigh) and then pointed me to their FAQ. Ticket closed. So basically I got nowhere with them. Although not happy having to run all Windows audio through the onboard sound rather than through the UX2 with the monitor speakers it is working for me so I guess I'm stuck with it for now. Would love to run Spotify through my UX2 and Yamaha speakers permanently.
  10. Thanks Gaz_Ham. Just trying for a nice bright sound, especially with fingers. Will definitely try some of these ideas!
  11. HI all. So I'm trying to record acoustic guitar through PodFarm and into Cubase. I'm running Cubase 8.5 and using UX2 with Rode NT1 mic. No problems with recording but can't seem to get a good enough sound. I'd love to hear what folks on here use settings wise for recording acoustics. Am I best to use no effects and run through PodFarm as dry as possible or use things differently. I'd love to hear what you've had work best for you. Thanks all! :)
  12. I've given up and taken pipelineaudio1's advice. All windows sounds now run through my builtin speakers and Cubase runs through the UX2. It's a shame but had to be done. All working fine now.
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