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  1. Thanks for all the great advice! It looks like some kind of speaker is going to be necessary for building patches. Do you prefer studio monitors, or something like the headrush 108, i have been seriously considering it. I know they say it’s flat response but nothing is truly flat.
  2. thanks for the link, some great information in that thread. I suppose that is the question i should have asked, do i need to buy an frfr and build tones at stage volume to accomplish my goal? i currently do not have a way to build tones at stage volume and i cant use rehearsal time to play with my helix. so perhaps i answered my own question, thanks for your help
  3. Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time. I have been playing for 25 years, always been a dyed in the wool tube amp/pedals guy. I think the helix is absolutely remarkable, unlike anything i have heard before!! really enjoying mine!! ok to my question, i am having a hard time dialing in patches that are transferrable to live situations, i play 2-3 times a week, plug direct to FOH and use IEM's. i think the old Fletcher Munson curve is getting me! i have been trying to build patches with headphones and my IEM's but with no luck. Is there a trick to building transferrable tones? Can it be done with headphones/ iem's or do i need to get a Headrush 108 or something like that? thanks a bunch Chewy
  4. Awesome, thanks for doing that for me! I am building a strat with an LR Baggs X-bridge & control-x onboard pre. I know its not going to be very convincing on its own but i know i can get it to sound good with some tweaking in the FH. We have to play direct at church and many times i am the only guitar so having both feeds should help fill things out a lot. I know i should have a separate system for each but thats $$$.
  5. Thanks Kilrahi, I know this is kind of a strange thing to do. I just really love how the FH handles acoustic signals and i cant really justify a 2nd fx unit. fishman units cost almost as much as a FH.
  6. Hello everyone, i am hoping you guys can help me out, i am building a custom strat that has piezo bridge saddles and a stereo jack that can carry separate acoustic and electric feeds. What i would like to do is setup my firehawk to help me dial in both tones. here is what i am thinking, the guitar is not finished yet so i can't test this theory but perhaps someone knows if this will work.. Acoustic pickup -- FH guitar input -- Boost EQ -- Chorus -- Delay -- FX send to pa system Electric pickups -- FH Return -- Amp model -- comp -- eq -- reverb -- L mono out to pa system
  7. Hello everyone, i have to say i am loving my Firehawk FX! and the wealth of information on this forum as well. Here is my question I can get great tones with my strat as well as really good acoustic tones. I am building a custom strat with an LR Baggs piezo bridge in it, because i go from acoustic to electric quite often. How would you guys approach getting a good blended tone? something that sounds like an acoustic and electric are being played simultaneously. I go direct to pa w/ IEM so i am not worried about amplifier coloration. thanks!
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