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  1. Hello again. I did change the tubes and the problem didn´t persist. Whoever the problem came back again (after ca. 6 months) and stayed even with brand new tubes... Any clues? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. allright, thanks a lot! It sounds really convincing. I´ll order new matched valves. I feel sorry i have a mesa valve, which i´m not going to be able to play with...
  3. Thanks for the answers! I don´t get it, how does the tubes has to do with the starting time? They glow fromt the start on and they sound as allways once it has "chargeg". When I waited the one hour "load"-time, i can power off and on and i don´t have to wait any long to start playing again...
  4. Hello evereyone, I was just confrontaded with a really weird issue with the DT25 Unit. Everytime i left my amp on the rehearsal room for as long as a week disconected from the power due to fire prevention, i found the amp with a really bad issue whem i try to start it again: all the lights from the switches turns on buts no sound comes out of the amp, just a quite noise. On the first time i reeinstalled without trouble the flash-unit and it helped. The second time the amp wasn´t recognized trought the Midi interface. Curiosly it started on his own after beeing setted on standby about an hour along without doing nothing with it. I noticed this because it did a typical clipping sound and after that just a few lights were on and it was ready to be played. It is well known not to let the power on inside rehearsal rooms when you left it. So my question is why is this happening in the first place. Is there a hidden battery which needs to be loaded on regular periods of times, and it is possible to replace this battery? Thanks up front for any hints and answers!
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