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  1. Hey there heist74 - in case you never got this working, just an FYI: I got it working using my POD HD500 as the expression pedal, controlling the WOW pedal in Neural DSP's Gojira plugin. The video that helped me figure it out was this one here: I've never used the POD GO, but I suspect that the concept is the same... give it a crack and good luck!
  2. BillBee, Firstly: thank you very much for your prompt and courteous reply. I see you responding to many people on here and I hope you get the gratitude you deserve. In response to your suggestion of checking the USB connection pins - do you have a guide handy on how to open the unit up correctly? I just made a brief attempt but there's screws all over the place and I'm not sure what I'm doing. Also: where would a luddite like myself find the "missing center block"? How do you know all this stuff? Lololol (considering you're not a Line6 employee?) Cheers again, Joe
  3. Hi Golifion - this is interesting. I'm having this problem as well like many other users. What are you referring to when you say: "version 1.01"? Which product should not be updated to version 1.01?
  4. It is worth noting as well that the only thing I haven't tried yet is the MIDI cable connection. I don't own a MIDI to USB cable but from what I've read, it doesn't sound like people get very far with that method, either? Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Dear Line6 Experts, I have seen countless other Line6 users report this exact same problem and sadly, I am seeing very little solutions. I am submitting hoping that someone out there might prove me wrong and offer a definitive answer. My POD XT Live sees very little use - I'm a bedroom warrior - and as I've seen other people on here say: one day the unit worked perfectly, then next day, inexplicably, the unit shows "Standard Model Pack Loaded" upon startup and then any patches that use an effect from FX Junkie or one of the model packs that mysteriously disappeared will show the error: "this tone contains an amp or effect from an expansion pack you do not own" It is worth noting that I never purchased additional model packs. This thing is as it was when it came from the factory. The REAL problem here, is that at the same time as the model packs disappearing, it seems as though the USB port on the unit has completely stopped working, and here's the troubleshooting steps I've taken to come to this conclusion: - tried a different USB port - tried three different USB cables - uninstalled all Line6 software from my computer and reinstalled - connected to two different computers and installed Line6 Monkey - still connection not recognised. - I went back to my original computer and connected my POD HD Desktop - connection works perfectly - Connect POD HD 500 to same USB port - connection works perfectly - It is only on this XT Live that the USB port does not connect whatsoever. Windows doesn't even make that "USB device connected" sound when you plug it in. It is like the port is completely dead. As you know, you can't reflash the memory without a USB connection. So that solution is out the window. Also, deauthorising/authorising via License Manager doesn't work either because you guessed it... no USB. I submitted a ticket with Line6 support and the conclusion was: "It seems the unit will need service. Please contact your local distributor to arrange that. Keep in mind the cost of a repair may be near the cost of picking up a used unit." I'm absolutely bewildered that an otherwise fully functional unit can be rendered completely useless by something so trivial. Also, the weird coincidence of the USB connection failing at the same time that the model packs going missing almost makes me think that a case of planned obsolescence is going on here - but I don't want to be that pessimistic just yet. Considering the vast number of other people I see experiencing this issue and submitting questions to the forums, is this a known issue that Line6 are working on? As you can probably tell I'm a Line6 enthusiast and own a vast array of their products (XT, HD Desktop, HD 500, Variax 300, JTV-59, DT25 Combo - the Pod XT Live holds a special place in my heart, though) but I must say this hardware issue and subsequent "support experience" has really soured my enthusiasm for their gear. Please work with me here to offer some suggestions before I ragequit and sell all my Line6 stuff on eBay for $50 and pickup playing the drums, instead. ...No one wants that. Joe
  6. I just found this... the OP asked pretty much precisely the question I was asking, just more eloquently! It seems those patches I was talking about will need to be rebuilt manually. Not looking forward to that!!
  7. Dear Fellow Podders, Apologies if this topic has been covered *ad nauseam* in these forums before. I'm about to upgrade my Variax 300 + Pod XT Live setup to a JTV-59 + HD500. There are a couple of tones on the POD XT Live that I will miss in particular: namely, the Variax specific tones of "VAR-Special Lead" and "VAR-T-Model". Having not had the ability to try the new HD500 + JTV-59 in a guitar store here in Australia, can anyone tell me if I will be able to easily replicate/migrate these tones to the HD500, or, do they already exist on the HD500 and sound similar? And has anyone else gone through this upgrade path and can share some tips/recommendations before I finally (and sadly) let go of my POD XT Live?
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