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  1. I reinstalled the software today to version 2.60 but it fails every time, so I went with 2.70 again and right now it works again as it should... I'll see.
  2. Well I thought that I'm crazy, I upgraded to version 2.7 like a month ago and I experienced the boot problem (not every time) but if I powered it off and on I could use it, now I upgraded to 2.71 with the thought that the problem will disappear but I have the same boot problem but now the HX effect doesn't let the sound through, if I make a reset holding tap and 6 on power on it works but if power it off the next time it's the same problem. This is so frustrating because I feel I would need to send HX stomp to service and I sold most of my pedals.
  3. auratnik

    HX FX Looper

    I wish that undo would erase recorded audio on the beggining of the loop not somewhere in between, not practial for live use.
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