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  1. hey everybody, as the title says everytime I place a 1swapped looper block and engage it my hx fx freezes. audio is passed but otherwise both the unit and hx edit are inoperable. already updated to 3.0.1 and also total factory reset. no older presets or anything added. tried also already to place the looper to another block and/or assign it to different switches. the problem persists consistently. definitely a bug. anybody can share their experiences with this or maybe found a workaround? thanks
  2. Hey ho, just to add that I've been experimenting with a tremolo block at the beginning of path B to function as a sort of gate. I could get somewhere near the gating I'm after. Quite painful to set it right though and either too abrupt with a square wave or too lose with a triangle (letting too many notes slip in). Tried with all the tremoloes and the results are the same. I hope Line6 will borrows some tech from Yamaha and their expertise in synths and throw some synth-like utilities in the helix. Automating parameters through an LFO and/or an Envelope would be pushing the possibilities of the Helix to a new world.
  3. Hey Phil, you're right the harmony delay does kinda that but it's rather limited with 2 taps only + root note. 6 Taps would allow for more rhythmical grooves. A glide function would also be great. Or even better a new block model that act as a full arpeggiator (Eventide has it). Please don't tell me I should buy a synthesizer ;-).
  4. Hi guys, i'd like to throw another idea in the creative department. I'd totally need a multitap delay that would pitch shift every single tap. It'd be basically an effective arpeggiator. I'd be enough to add a parameter to the existing multitaps. I'd be a killer and I'm sure would add a lot of value to the helix. Mind there's no such effect pedal around that does such thing except for the echolution2 by pigtronix (and that cost over 600$). Wouldn't it be a good idea for a future update? I'm no engineer but I dare to think it wouldn't be a huge work to add this feature (as the helix having already the technology both for multitaps and pitch shifting). Or maybe you guys worked out some similar ideas in a different way. Then please share it. Many thanks
  5. Hi everybody, the more I explore into my HX FX the more ideas I get, especially thanks to the awesome flexibility over the signal chain. I spend all my time in the signal view. I'd say I'm using the helix more like a creative tool, rather than a tone one. That's way I got the HX FX and not the full floor unit. I was hoping there were more discussion about the creative/experimental side of things. I mean... having two separate chains (and having one at 100% wet) opens up to a hell lot of creative possibilities. First big question I have is: how to have blocks like volume and gate being automated by the tempo to create for example auto-volume swells (tight to the BPM and not to dynamics and such like Adrianswell or Vintageswell). I can't use a pedal to do this 'cause I'm already dealing with playing the guitar and singing and change the sounds etc.. The gate idea is even crazier so I try to paint a scenario (assuming I'll be playing tight as hell): I have two signal path A&B. Let's say A is the "guitar" channel and B is the "Crazy". I play fingerpicking and I want the bass notes only (thumb picked) to be picked up by the B signal chain. I know I'll be playing a bass note every let's say quarter, so I'd have a gate to mute the incoming signal every quarter, therefore getting a quarter notes bass line to process as I please (for example with harmony pitch or multitap to create basslines). What do you think? Do you guys know any workaround? Thanks in advance
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