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  1. Hello folks - same question. I recently purchased a Helix and am using a Fender HRD III 1X12. So my question is this: when I use the 4CM, I lose complete control of all tone shaping and master volume. I know you lose control of the preamp but do you also lose volume control? I, too, look to use my Fender's clean channel preamp and want to add distortion from an amp model because the distortion FX seem too dull. I've been trying out so many methods such as: Front of Amp 4CM Helix Output to Power Amp In I set the settings to line level for 4CM on the 1/4" output. But the distortions and overall sound seem dull to me or too shrilly. Lastly, in reference to your instruction @MakeItShredNo1 - do you place the Helix preamp before the Fender Preamp (FX Loop) or after? You typed in right next to it but not sure in what direction.
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