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  1. USB out/in block similar to an effects loop block. Needed for Loopy or FX apps badly!
  2. Im starting my computer (mac mini), turning on the helix, then opening line 6 updater, selecting the helix with 2.7, then selecting the 2.71 update, going through the prompts until it starts, and then when it is beginning the installation it quits to the error screen. However, I have tried restarting the helix then, tried opening the updater and then starting the helix, tried having the helix started when I boot my computer, and anyway I do it there is no luck.
  3. I'm doing everything I can to update, but keep getting the same error: 'Error has occurred. Please try again'. Followed every tip Ive been able to find, tried multiple usb cables and ports, restarting and updating everything I could. Any suggestions? Thanks
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