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  1. I have a simple version of this in my setup I thought I'd share. I have the VL3x as the centerpiece with a Variax JT69 guitar. I use a simple bigshot AB stomp box the guitar is plugged into. (used to use the line 6 one that came with my Variax700 but they both died) For Variax Acoustic tones, which are all I sing to, It goes strait into the VL3 via the AB pedal. For playing and singing and I like the VL3 acoustic guitar processing and with hours of tweaking finally have a very nice acoustic guitar sound out of an electric which has always been elusive yet important to my flow because I also want a great electric tone for leads. I don't care much for the VL3 electric guitar processing so when I do solos I loop acoustic rhythms in the VL3 and switch to electric using my AB pedal plugged into the Helix. I get a great electric sound that is taken out of the Helix and into the aux input on the VL3. (this is also loopable) I also use a keyboard in the mix and plug that into the aux on the Helix and that also comes into the VL3 in the same path as the electric guitar, so again is loopable. Though my language here may make it sound complicated its so simple. I don't get full advantage of the Helix but I do get the sounds and tones I want out of both boxes very simply. All this goes into a Bose tower and I can fill the room with sound as a solo artist. For bigger gigs the outputs of the VL3 are pretty good at splitting the signal separating vocals and guitar but with the aux inputs I have to make sure my volumes are right but I'm used to that from using my own setup all the time. Though not perfect since I'd love one box to do it all, I can take advantage of the best of both of these and get so many different sounds out of this combo it's truly wonderful.
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