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  1. Hello on the top of this blog is the mistake sudden loss output . I have the same problem too there is this switch for mute anything and there i can hear a relay switching when the mistake appears this switch does not work an the relay make no noise so i think that there is the mistake could someone tell me how i could easy open the stagescape and block the relay so that it is always on equal if the switch is pulled on or of ?
  2. I think it could be useful to have a "test wav datei" on witch is any chanel free of background noise ? is there anyone who could send me something useful ? thanks
  3. es gibt einen link zu einer Liste der Presets dieser funktioniet aber nicht ....
  4. one more question to setup and scenes if i have create a new setup and load an older scene where i have saved my own presets the inputs are diffrent is it possible to load older own made presets from scenes to a new setup - how to do ? otherwise where are own made presets - in scenes or setups ?
  5. firmware neu geladen und preset wieder da ....obwohl ich meine keines davor gelöscht zu haben ... Was ich vermisse eine Liste der Presets als pdf oder ähnliches...
  6. ja hallo nach Florida schön so schnell eine Antwort und auch noch in deutsch zu bekomen ..... soweit bin ich schon gekommen hierdurch wird ja das Icon getauscht aber wo ist dann das Preset - ich hatte für die Drums unter Artist preset mal eines was nun plötzlich weg ist gibt es da keine liste mit den gesamten 200 Presets ? Es gibt diese Leiste im Setup mit dem letzten icon "more" hier müsste doch in den Kategorien Drums einiges drinn stehen ... Ich denke ich lade mal die Firmware neu ..... Grüße aus dem Schwobaländle Hans
  7. Hello i wonder how i cold find this factory presets ? i habe had a artist preset for drums and vocals but now i start an new setup and want to load this i cant find it - im in the steup mode and pusch the "more " button there are a few presets also i have looked online for a listof those presets and dont found anything , only the dsp presets witch i dont wantto change can anyone help me or show me where there is a preset patch list? Greets from germany Hans
  8. i have this problems too. sometimes when stagescape is switched on then after a time of five minutes ther is no sound on the output switch off and on and now everything okay in other case somtimes it is like a gate suddenly one main channel is away and by pull more level it come back i have prooved all conectors inside but im now afraid to use the stagescape in live sessions has anyone an idea what this mistakes could be ? im think it could be the mute button mute all it seems that there is a relais witch connectors are not very good by time i will take a look at this .......
  9. i must look at this video more than one time because my english is not very perfect thank you ! now its clear ....
  10. hello if i create a preset then the name of the preset overwrites me in the setup where i have the names of the musicans i dont understand this what fault do i make i only want to create a user preset store it in the libary to recall that by special rooms without changing the name in the setup can you help me - if possible in a little videodocumentation ( my english is not perfekt im from germany ) thank you !
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