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  1. kingplank

    Seven string Spider V Tone

    I use drop A on all 3 of my metal guitars on my Spider V30. I always play with backing tracks or with a small band; and the built in presets may not sound good depending what speaker you use. Making my own presets from scratch works best for me; and I always fine tune my tone as I play just as I would with a normal amp. Hope that helps.
  2. kingplank

    Replacement Speakers!

    The V30 speaker is very loud, but due to the small size of the amp. it really restricts speaker tone. Boxy and no bass. My solution is plugging in the headphone out to an old Rotel PA amp. and use a choice of Celestion Vintage 30, a Yamaha 12" organ speaker, or an old Sansui hi-fi speaker. All 3 sound much better than stock, but I prefer the Yamaha Organ speaker
  3. Is it possible to restore an individual preset?