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  1. It's not even that gunpointmetal, they said they were going to add more block spaces as well as the store at a youtube event and they did not add more block spaces. They added the store but no new block spaces. Talking about hammers and computers is very off topic.
  2. I get what you are saying though..... you are saying fractal is at the bottom of the pile with boss in a close second to last place while neuraldsp and kemper duke it out for top 3 with line 6 at the top of the heap right? What next? Mac is better than PC, right? Of course Linux is not even in the discussion right? Never mind the company not being willing to explain to their own developers that they need to fix this thing. I am tired of feeling like a beta tester for a product that should have been already tested.
  3. I know what to do. Lets paint it white, instead of adding more blocks. And lets charge 50$ more for it so instead of 599.99 it will be 649.99usd instead of fixing the looper. --- Why am I here? I bought this box that I think needs fixing/updating called the HX Stomp. Why am I still here? Well, I am really starting to wonder that myself. ----- Implying that I do not have boss modeling is kind of like acting like you know me, I have different tool's for different jobs. It seem's like many would rather have me disappear then have me in the conversation, get over it, this conversation has been going for months if not a whole year already. In the simplest pseudo code speak - -------- 01 "FIX IT!" -------- 02 go to line 1 // a looper that cannot delete audio correctly is not a looper but rather a broken looper :| p.s. I hope you all and all of your families are doing well and that you are taking care of each other! This pandemic is pretty crazy!
  4. "But all I see is spaghetti...... " That is funny but you only got part of the joke. The other part of the joke is the real upgrade to the HX Stomp is the Boss GT-1! 1/3 of the price, more blocks, direct monitoring, software monitoring with audible hardware blocks and no phasing from direct monitoring bleed and a looper that works plus battery power. Yamaha looks like a bad fit for line-6 to me at this point. FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @4:19 gt1 software monitoring of hardware blocks with no direct monitoring phasing, lol,
  5. The point of a multi-tool, like a swiss army knife is to have all the tools you need in one multi-tool. Say you buy a hammer but the hammers head falls off every time you use it, that's usually called a re-call where the said item would be replaced or repaired or refunded or a combination of those things or the buyer/consumer may as well consider themselves ripped off and stolen from. The looper block does not work, and 6 blocks is weak at best in my opinion. Somebody asked about the FM3, yah just go check out fractals page and you will have the info you need, There are many companies and options to choose from. Oh yah, by the way it is not about having to little pedals or gear, it is about getting things that work out of the box as opposed to having things not work out of the box. I will leave this picture of my favorite HX Stomp direct to Helix Native Setting on one of my little pedalboards with a working looper for you all to enjoy. The HX Stomp is set to my favorite and only available setting for software monitoring with latency only and no direct-monitoring/software monitoring phasing issues, no blocks boy oh' boy! Dont mind the cat hair and lint and popcorn, I know, I need to vaccum.
  6. " (1) That first thing is indeed a limitation, easily solved for people who have another interface, but not so much with those for whom Stomp is their only interface. (2) If you are doing very serious looping, of COURSE you want a very serious looper. (3) If you want to do very serious recording... yeah... the same... " -------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Hear that? That is the sound of 5000 wallets not opening. (2) To the tune of 599.99$ retail United States dollars. (3) That is a retail total of Two Million Nine hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty United States dollars Zero cents 2,999,950.00$.
  7. Another issue for me I have noticed since my purchase of the HX Stomp is that there seems to be no way run a signal from the stomp input through the stomps 6 blocks into a DAW signal chain with exclusive software monitoring. In other words the blocks in the stomp are not able to be heard with exclusive software monitoring. So in other words if i want to run my 6 blocks form the stomp into 6 blocks on helix native without direct monitoring activated I will not be able to hear/monitor the 6 blocks from the stomp at all. There is no point in the phase issues that occour when direct monitoring from the stomp and software monitoring from your daw/plugin host are active at the same time. That needs to be addressed before stomp is little more than a d/i box thats slim in inputs and outputs (i/o) to me with an additional blocks feature for pedalboards only. If you are planning on using the HX stomp for any serious DAW work than get ready because you are going to probabbly want the helix native to go with it, more money ($$$$$) even with the discount. You are going to want native because you wont be able to hear the stomps blocks. There was never any clear cut information that the looper block does not delete its audio data without a burst of unwanted audio that I have found before my purchase. When I bought the stomp I did not know that these things would be an issue and when I started seeing these issues my musicians friend return window was closed. 6 blocks is not enough, I thought it might be but it is not enough for me, for the price, for the issues, no way! After a year or so of using stomp and seeing how slow the firmware fixes get rolled out vs block updates it is not fun at all at best. Not as much fun as it should be, not as much fun as it could be for sure. Yah, when it works and how it works and how it sounds can be neat sometimes even great but the issues I have found with it make it unreccomendable for me in its current state. If any of you know how to solve these issues I would appreciate it if you would share the solutions with me. I am pretty much stuck with this thing unless I sell it and I don't want to sell it, I want it to work for me to its full potential.
  8. I guess maybe every one here neglected to notice that the looper block does not delete audio correctly, never mind the embarrassingly small available loop memory. No, I do not think under 60 seconds of looping time is acceptable. Never mind the random freezing of the footswitches in the middle of performances requiring a full reboot to recover from. 6 blocks is not enough, 9 blocks would be decent, 12 blocks would be perfect. There are constructive ideas and comments here but a lot of the conversation has seemed to turn destructive. I am an HX Stomp owner, influencers promoting HX stomp as the ultimate toolkit that fits in your pocket have not seemed to put this thing through the paces at the time. Has anyone got the looper block to delete audio correctly? Nope. I'm pretty sure we all got told to direct our firmware update requests to a private group where dev's/software-devotees can see it. What is wrong with airing out the issues here? I am not sure how any of you have gotten through any 6 hour session with no freeze ups ever. I use the HX Stomp almost everyday for months almost a year, occasionally it freezes at the most inopportune time, the looper does not delete audio correctly, 6 blocks is not enough, under 60 seconds of loop time is not enough. I remember when the very first boss looper single button stomp pedal came out way back in the dark ages, decades ago, it had 60 seconds of loop time, big wow. I see a lot of comments implying the HX Stomp is a perfect and flawless product that can use no improvement whatsoever. In my usage HX Stomp has many glaring issues that would probably not be noticed if it did not get put through its paces by its users, like me. Like I said it, and I got it, a "we have many beautiful products to choose from" comment which could be way more constructive. HX stomp has half the processing power of the Helix but a 1/6 of the utility and I am tired of the power it contains being capped, in my opinion you should be too, lol. We do not need to defend this product, you should not have to defend any product because there are many available products to choose from in this saturated market place, but we can bring to light the things we feel this product needs to stay current. I love my HX Stomp like i said but Like I also said I am not sure that I can recommend it in its current state. p.s. if you want to learn code you could dip your toes in the water at and if you want to get into guitar hacks like free vst's you could start at Or you could check out this article on free vst's at Many of the people in the "we make plugins, with code" camp are down to share their secrets if you are polite and like to go down rabbit holes. Hopefully you find this helpful.
  9. line 01 - "Firstly, I was not looking for high school like call out's from power users." line 02 - go to line 01 // lol Secondly, I don't like hearing an hour of namm talk hype including top secret block talk just get another music companies pay add on store. I am not here for brand allegiance. I am not here for cars. I am talking about a firmware updateable device with the current potential of the fractal audio fm3. Great, so here come's the "why don't you just get pod-go, we have many beautiful products for you to choose from" argument. I am just stating my opinion and I am sure some people have to agree. 6 blocks is not enough for 599.99 to me. Sometimes you need to get gear and try it for a while to find out what is best for you. As far as new people looking for the smallest and most powerful I am not sure I can recommend hx stomp as a complete kit. With 12 blocks it would be perfect. There are many choices to choose from. I even just got word that Native Instruments is getting serious about guitar rig 6. Neural DSP, Fractal, Boss, Kemper. Not to mention all the free guitar hack software you can get these days. I am having difficulty understanding how anyone would not see my point. 2 chips Helix-lt 32 blocks - 1 chip HX-stomp 6 blocks. I do not want a large pedalboard or pedalboard replacement device. What I want is HX stomp to be unlocked to its full potential without any "governers" slowing it down.
  10. In my opinion 6 blocks for $599.99 u.s.d. is not enough blocks for the price. Especially for mono block user's, having a limit of six blocks is not good. I understand the "Forcing Creativity" argument, I just don't think it is legitimate. Don't misunderstand me, I love my HX Stomp but I am on the verge of selling it because of its limitations. It would not take much for some creative code writing to make a 12 block limit like the Fractal Audio FM3. An idea I like more is having unlimited blocks and a warning screen stating when I am approaching CPU limits. Adding more blocks adds to the creative potential of the HX Stomp. I remember the Line 6 announcement party implying there would be more blocks available but that was not an official announcement, that was about a year ago already. The thing that Line 6 seems to have meant by that, in my opinion, is that new items are available in the store not new empty block spaces. I personally am getting tired of having a governor on the power capabilities of my HX Stomp. 12 empty block spaces is not to much to ask for in my opinion. The Fractal Audio FM3 runs 12 blocks with 3 footswitches. Is it any less creative for having 6 more block spaces? I think not. I have been teetering on selling my HX Stomp for something with more blocks, but I have been waiting for some follow through from Line 6 and their unofficial "more blocks" announcement because I really love my HX Stomp. I am not sure I want to wait for to much longer. I am pretty sure I could get $450.00 for it pretty easily. I hate feeling like the HX Stomp "has it all" under the hood while still not being tuned up to its full potential. The code is as easy to write as this extended paragraph is, a lot of it is just copy and paste at this point for the most part.
  11. So............. did you get your native to work yet ClarkeOnGuitar ? Just to admit it I suck at forums , i'm sure you can tell. I am am not sure how to respond to specific comments or tag anyone. Basically all I know how to do so far is post.
  12. At the very bottom right under where it says trial I think I remember it saying something like "If you have a code click here" . When I did it opened up a link to my account. It was on the opening page when I opened native for the first time in my DAW. Now when I open native it says my name on the plug in so I kinda think that my account has linked to the plugin correctly. It took me a couple tries because I could not find a place to put the activation code into directly on first glance. If I remember correctly they were highlighted words in yellow or orange in a link on the first page that seemed to kinda blend in to the background on me for some reason. Just try again and look towards the bottom of the screen on the opening page and click the link. I know how frustrating getting software to work can be sometimes but try it again anyway and see if you can find the link I am talking about .
  13. Finally :-) Yah ClarkeOnGuitar I never got an email for the download so I downloaded the trial version. When i gave native my activation code which I found in my profile in my purchases it said "Trial active for 0 days". It seems to be working just fine so far but in my account purchases it shows that I have native and native trial both active. I have to say I was pretty shocked that we got such a steep discount but relieved at the same time. I love the stomp and for me having native now is just one more reason to stay in the helix environment .
  14. Of course, software is potentially an unlimited resource to the most powerful of computers, in theory, in reality because of the price a lot of people getting hx stomp will be absolute beginners without the processing power in their laptops to run ableton with helix native with 30 blocks let alone 15 blocks without serious issues, there is just no way. Add serum and your favorite Native Instruments plug in and there is just no way there would be a smooth experience. Even as a stand alone program helix native will need some serious power behind it to run at its fullest block parameters. It leaves the money grab feeling in my gut. I have no brand allegiance and If i was looking for some like i said I feel left out. Just because one can price their products however they want does not mean I have to feel that they are respectable in doing so. The musicians friend return policy is 45 days for whatever reason. I love the stomp on my Pedaltrain nano+ its just perfect, but, 400usd for HX users to get into native is uncalled for in my opinion and with that email notifiication for the helix native option with no discount it felt like was kinda like a digital slap in the face for me, however light, a slap none the less. If I would have never gotten this native email I might have not even thought twice about where I stand with hx stomp because it seems to fit into my idea of what a decent modular guitar effects amp model and IR loader rig is perfectly.
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