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  1. Hi Leodiztejo, If I understand you correctly, with the HX Stomp in the “Snapshot” mode, while in this mode, I can still access to blocs via MIDI? So say I have 3 set Snapshots in the patch, with MIDI CC, I can turn off a block within the patch still? This sounds amazing! I have a midi controller and will definitely look into this when I am back in town. Thanks! Loren
  2. I tried the HX Stomp with and without. It’s better without the Tone Match. Just because the HX Stomp has all the tools for adjustments at your disposal. It’s easier too without Tone Match.
  3. Hi, Can I upload an HX Stomp patch to Helix Native? I was planning to do it manually but to be able to transfer patches from HX Stomp to Helix would be amazing. Thanks in advance! Loren
  4. Smooth updates! I just used the Line 6 Updater for the HX Stomp. Also updated HX Edit and Helix Native.
  5. Thanks! I also have a Tone Match T8S Mixer that I use with my Bose L1 Compact, forgot to mention. The Tone Match on the T8S is better than the built in one on the L1 Compact I believe. I seem to remember that it has an electric guitar Tone Match but I am interested in hearing it without the Tone Match. Will give it a try when I get back and post a feedback on this forum. Stay safe everyone ☺️
  6. Hi. I am out of town and haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I have an HX Stomp and an L1 Compact, odd that I didn’t try using the HX Stomp with it. I do have a question, do you guys turn on the Tone Match on the L1 with the Helix? Does the Helix sound better with our without the Tone Match? Thanks! Loren
  7. Didn’t know we could do 5 snapshots but dividing some to another preset! What a great idea! Yes a name on the Snapshot preset would definitely be on my list of to have too.
  8. Hi all! Anybody know if the 3.0 firmware update will include Snapshots as well? Since we can add more foot control (up to 5 with additional extension foot switches or even more foot switches with some controllers) hopefully the update will increase the number of Snapshots we can use up to 5 or more. Someone made a point, I think it was on Youtube, maybe Line 6 can stop considering the loop block as part of the total number of blocks available. So say, for the HX Stomp, 8 blocks available + 1 Send/Return block. One can dream :) Thanks! Loren
  9. LorenO

    New to HX Stomp

    A very nice collection of amps you have there! Now I am triple envious! Always wanted a Champ. :) I have to admit, when I buy an amp, I already know I am going to change the speakers and the tubes. I have heard Fender mention that they expect people to change the speakers too. When we change the speakers and tubes and are happy with the result, if becomes more than a Fender amp, it becomes a “Bluebirdrad amp” or a “Loren amp”. The original speakers in these reissues were not to my liking at all. But I know from experience, the tone is there. We just need to help bring it out a little :) It’s not a Fender thing. Seems like it is a general rule with me. In the case of the Suhr. I bought the head with the matching Suhr cab, I was surprised to find that it was loaded with non recommended Suhr speakers (Celestions). So I bought the recommended ones (Warehouse something) to hear what Suhr intended for us to hear and still ended up replacing them for the George Alessandro speakers. The recommended Warehouse speakers didn’t sound bad at all. But I was looking for something else. David Gilmour influenced me in more than just my playing. He taught me not to be afraid of technology. To embrace it. They can both work together beautifully. So true. I agree 100%. For now, until I get my direct sound set up properly, I’ve got the HX going through these amps and it sounds great!
  10. LorenO

    New to HX Stomp

    Am a Fender guy all the way too! I’ve got a ‘59 Bassman LTD (changed the speakers to 4x10 Eminence GA10-SC59 alnicos), a ‘65 Deluxe Reverb (with 1x12 GA12-SC64), a ‘65 Princeton Reverb (1x10 GA10-SC64) and my only non Fender amp is a Suhr Badger 30 and you guessed it, loaded 2x12’s GA12-SC64. I have been experimenting on different speakers for years. I have finally settled in on the GA’s. I absolutely adore the George Alessandro speakers! They capture the most important frequency of the guitar, the mids, perfectly for me. Love his EJ speakers too for more of a very open sounding Jensen vibe. More highs. I got the Suhr to have a Marshall flavored amp (ala JTM45). It isn’t quite that though. I find that it is like a Fender / Marshall hybrid. Am envious of your ‘64 BF Deluxe! All my electric guitars are Fender.
  11. LorenO

    New to HX Stomp

    @bluebirdrad Almost there :) One more missing item The Lehle is a parallel mixer, true bypass pedal. So if I want to play the HX Stomp as a wet effects only effect, I would kill the dry signal and set 100% wet (using parallel routes and volume pedal effect blocks) in Snapshot mode. But if I want to go straight to the board, then I simply remove the Lehle from the set up and plug straight to the HX Stomp and out of it straight to the board. More often though I just bring a Fender Deluxe Reverb and plug this set up through a 2nd out, split by an ABY box (Radial Engineering) and have the mix to where it is a good balance of dry and wet. So I use the wet only mixed with my dry signal. The Deluxe Reverb has 2 independent channels so that is cool. I find overdrives love darker channels and chorus and mod effects prefer brighter channels, that’s why I split them.
  12. LorenO

    New to HX Stomp

    @bluebirdrad Wow! Amazing routing options! I didn’t think you could insert two instruments that way! I too play acoustic, sometimes live with both my Electric on the same night. Been a while since I did that though. I use a Pedalbot Midi Controller. Pretty standard device, where I live, the Philippines, it’s hard to get anything like midi controllers. Lucky a guy builds them here. Reasonably priced too. I use it to access all the screens: Scroll, Stomp, Preset and Snapshot with two foot switches then the other two, one for tuner and one for tap tempo. Love it! I am still in the process of building my board.
  13. LorenO

    New to HX Stomp

    I discovered the “Gain” effect yesterday. Love it that it is just a transparent volume boost. I set up foot switches as effects On/Off, FS1 for modulation, FS2 for delays and FS3 for boost. Additional footswitches via a midi controller so I am not limited to just the three switches.
  14. LorenO

    New to HX Stomp

    Oh coolness! Thanks! Will check it out! Those tones on the Pod Go site really helped me! :) am out of town again, when I get back home, will be on my “first thing I do when I get home” list. It’s funny, my wife keeps saying when it’s a chore, am always “tired” but when it has something to do with the guitar, I am never tired!
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