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  1. I have the HX Stomp and the Pod Go, in my opinion knowing the HX costs $200 more than Pod Go, the least Line6 should do is to improve HX Stomp in response and performance. As simple as that and this would simply fair...
  2. Hard333

    HX Stomp

    Hi, I'd like to know why on the HX Stomp, nobody talks or upload demos about the wha wha, I haven't been able to get a good wha sound. Also, about the looper which according to my experience is not functional at all. If somebody can help I'm thinking you guys in advance.
  3. Hard333

    Tap Delay

    Hi, I'm trying to use tap tempo delay using the FS3 on the HX Stomp in snapshot mode but I don't get it, can anybody help?
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