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  1. I'm having trouble with the basic set up of the one switch looper on the stomp. Having reset to factory settings, I add the looper to an empty preset and assign a controller to FS2 using the Learn function. When operating FS2 in the edit mode Playbk switches between 0.0db and -60.0db In performance mode the looper displays as Playbk and operating FS2 simply changes it from enabled to disabled. None of the looper behaviour is invoked (red light to record, etc.). It's almost like the pedal isn't being recognized as a looper and is just having its Playbk parameter assigned to FS2. This is with the latest 2.71 Firmware. I hoping this is some very basic misunderstanding on my part. :-) Edit: Figured this out. You have to follow the instructions about assigning the controls for the Looper to the letter. If you don't quick assign the looper but attempt to do it manually using the control assign menu you will just end up assigning one of the looper's parameters to the foot switch and it won't function as a looper.
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