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  1. As mentioned many times above, the noise is still (and believe me it is quite loud) present even connecting the pedal alone on an amplifier (have tried several amps). Powering is through the provided power supply unit. So nothing more than stock options and nothing unusual. Any ideas of how this might be related to my setup?
  2. I have tested the system in the rehearsal studio that we use with my band. Same results, same noise. I have not raised a ticket yet as i need to talk with shop that i got it first in case of direct replacement. Cannot emphasize more my frustration over Line6 guys.. really..
  3. Yes new units. The first was already returned and refunded.
  4. This is really funny guys this is the 2nd unit i get, the first one had the three top buttons not working. Thumbs down on line6 here..
  5. I am using the Mooer Expline, works nice.
  6. Not really this issue, no stereo effects at all.. No other effects in the chain, see my video below There will be nothing new to see in the preset, it is an empty chain with one FUZZ each time. But i have just recorded a video for you to see, please check below, worth some notice. Any ideas more than welcome! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sxn7lPmy3ZzxVNdpAAfylAEaWMxGSZny/view?usp=sharing
  7. Whatever effect i use with quite high gain, i hear in the background an oscilating sound that is synced with the current tempo. If i tap quickly the oscilation period decreases and so on. I tried the pedal even on its own for no good. Very annoying really guys..
  8. I just purchased the Line6 Helix HX effects pedalboard and i have noted that whenever high gain effects are selected (happens in almost all the FUZZ effects), there is a high volume, ambulance type of noise (coming and going) in the tempo that the tap led is blinking. If you lower the gain a lot, (really a lot) the noise goes away but the effect is useless at such low gain/volume. anyone with similar symptoms?
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