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  1. Thank you guys. Okay. I got some info from the producer. The guitar is tuned down 3 halfsteps. The amp was vox plexi , he also used slap delay and a mono hall; and to me it sounds like there are less high frequencies. But there's also sth that sounds very dirty or "damaged". Maybe try some distortion pedals; but with very low gain. I m new to amp modelling, so sorry for inapropiate questions :). still, Tx for your advices.
  2. Sorry for the push. Okay, i think about getting some patches ,free or buy some, that come close to the sound of the above posted files. Can someone take a quick listen (it's just a few seconds) and recommend me some patches? Thank you very much
  3. Hello Hello; Okay; I wrote music for my 1st album; the guitar sounds were dialled in by a producer in a studio. the album is finished. I m trying to recreate the sound with the helix lt for my I've setup. I spend some time with the helix; i love it; but i don t get it to sound right. I m posting 2 small sound files of the rhythm guitar sound, which i want to recreate; it s basically verse and chorus. The guitar tuning is weird. E , A and D strings (the deep ones) are tuned down 3 half steps - the chords are then all standard power chords played on these 3 strings starting on the 8 th fret and descending down. If anyone wants to give it a try, i d be super thankful. Hope this fits in this forum here. Thaaaaank you so much guitar_chorus_1.mp3 (the rhythm part, not the strumed chords) guitar_verse_1.mp3
  4. Thank you very much. I got it working. What a fine piece of soft and hardware. Love it.
  5. Hello; Just received my helix lt; registered and downloaded the HX edit. now i want to update my firmware (it s 2.30 right now). Therefore i download the line 6 updater right? Well; i can t open that file on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2. I always get the message that i need to unzip it. But unzip programs like "unarchiver" etc say it s not compressed.....? Tx a lot for your help
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