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  1. I don't know if this will help you, but 120 Ohms headphones are OK with POD Studio GX. I think that 250 Ohms could be a max range for GX (could be a little bit quiet). Best option is to test headphones, but if you have PC, that could be problem to test outside the house. UX2 is also powerd through USB, so i think that it has same output power as GX.
  2. I tested this headphones, so POD Studio GX can drive them. At least volume is enough for me(I think for everyone else too).
  3. Hi! I'm plannig to buy new headphones, that has a little bit higher impedance(120 Ohms), but also i read that this headphones needs amplifier to sound good. I'm talking about AKG K612 Pro, and I'm going to run it on POD Studio GX, but i can't find any information about impedance range that this interface can handle. Someone has any expirience about this specific headphones and Studio GX set, or just plugging high ohms headphones into Studio GX?
  4. What do you mean? Looking at other plug-ins, i found in licenses, that software use third party content, that has his own licenses. Do I have to read every license for every third party content used in software, like POD Farm? Thanks for quick reply.
  5. Hi, I'm totally newbie, and I can't find info about commercial usage of POD Farm. I want to buy second hand POD Studio GX with software, but I don't have legit info about it. So, can I make commercial music by using POD Farm included to POD Studio GX interafce?
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