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  1. Hello guys. My sincere apologies Datacommando, I do not know the forum, I am a newbie and I still do not know how to assess the mechanisms in depth. You are right that the title of the thread refers exclusively to [Error code -8202] but regardless of the origin of the error itself or its nature, it seems clear that what causes it is the same as [Error code -8207] . It also seems that both are solved in the same way. For this reason I valued their contribution negatively, without any personal motivation. At no time have I doubted your willingness to help, I reiterate, accept my apologies. From my technical ignorance, and from my experience as a simple user, I believe that both errors have to do with the software protection system. Regardless of the nature of both. Yes, apart from having solved the problem (it seems that it is enough to restart the project or the DAW itself) I have posted a detailed ticket, I will write here if I understand that Line 6's answer is useful for other users. Cheers!
  2. Hi guys, I begin to think that both errors (although they are different) are related by a common element. Last night I was working on a project, I saved the work and turned off the equipment. Today, I turn on my system, load the same project, and have both errors again. [Error code -8202] [Error code -8207] I thought deauthorize and reauthorize. Meanwhile, I have opened a ticket and when restarting the project to deauthorize from the plugin itself, it worked correctly. Despite everything I have finished writing the Ticket and updating it with what happened. Cheers!
  3. Same problem. 8201. Update to 3.0 and new problem. 8207. I already had error 8201 in the past, when I upgraded from W7 to W10. The solution was to spend an activation. Yesterday I installed Steinberg's Absolute 4 package (it's my only change) and Line6 doesn't seem to like it. I think both brands are owned by Yamaha and somewhere there is a conflict. I will update to 3.01 and if it does not work I will spend another activation, I cannot have the studio work stopped. I'll report how it went. Cheers! Edit. Update to 3.01, both mistakes, 8201 and 8207. Uninstall and install 3.01 same problem. I edit again. Deactivating and activating has fixed both errors. I wonder what will happen when my number of activations runs out. I have lost an hour of productivity due to a problem foreign to me.
  4. You have not understood, GeorgeVW. It's not about latency between 2 sounds. It is the latency between "your feeling" that you have played a note and your brain listens to it. 12 ms is acceptable for a mediocre musician and unacceptable for a virtuoso. Cheers!
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