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  1. Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful response, Bob. Appreciate it! You're correct in assuming that I'll be using headphones when playing at home. I have a small (closet-sized) studio and plan to use the Helix straight into my interface (Focusrite Scarlet 2i4) with some Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro studio headphones for monitoring my sound while working on stuff here. Like the tips on how to play into the power section of the AC30 and will likely go that route. I have a ton of pedals and crap and wouldnt mind consolidating the lot down. Depending on how things sound I may end up with some kind of FRFR for my backline and to give me more stuff to play with in the rehearsal space. I'm sick of lugging around the 90lb AC30 lol. So you've got me convinced, now I just need to decide if I should be responsible and go with the LT or splurge on a full Helix :) Thanks again!
  2. Ok so I'm sure you've seen this question before, but I couldn't find anything specific to my needs in the search... I'm thinking about purchasing an LT or Floor (thoughts on this welcome, too) and had a question about using it in different settings. So I've got a Vox AC30 that lives an hour away at my rehearsal space, my band practices once a week so I don't get much time with my amp. I'm thinking about a Helix because I like the idea of having a silent practice tool at home (I have three young kids and no place to play loudly, ever) and a way to create sounds for my band outside of the rehearsal space. Does anyone here have experience working with a Helix and a Tube amp where they are creating presets and shaping their sound remotely from their main source of amplification? How does it work for you? Can you create sounds leveraging the models for your amp at home then remove the amp / cab when you go 4CM with the amp in person? How does it translate? Thanks for any thoughts!
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