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  1. Morning fflbrgst. Thank, it is patches n not sub-banks, lol. Ive noticed this can happen when im on two different gain or distortion FX's, weird. Bruce
  2. Hi Axxman. Im having problem where the software loads on my windows 10 laptop but wont let me save to load .sbv files, wont let me save or load bundles either. What windows 8 version? on the Line 6 website there's only the Spider Valve MkII Edit Version 1.05 for Mac & Spider Valve MkII Edit Version 1.03 for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and this is the one im usin ?? Very $#@@-off with Line 6 for not supporting their products.
  3. Hi Line 6 and users. I have my second Line 6 FBV Express Mkii pedal, I wont go into what happened to the 1st one, I will leave that for another post..... I have noticed that sometimes when I change sub-banks, say from A to B on a main bank (1 - 50) there is a sudden "click" noise, sometimes it is soft and sometimes it is very noticeable. on other banks it is a smooth transfer from one sub-bank to another. Does anyone know why this happens? Is there a setting in the Spider Valve Mkii Edit software that causes this or can take it away as I use the Spider Valve MkII Edit software alot to customize my sound? Note: I do use the Line 6 custom tones from the Line 6 website for easy reference to some songs, are they maybe the problem? Regards Bruce Ryder
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