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  1. Solved: It seems that the stereo plug is not fully supported. I tested the EXT 2 input with my guitar and a standard mono plug. I guess I just need to get a new pedal with a mono plug. EDIT: Line 6 recommends 10KOHM Pedal with a mono cable.
  2. They will lose the pedal. I was wondering could this be related to inverted polarity of the pedal or a TRS plug... Well I am no expert. I tried also to keep the polarity setting normal. It did not make a difference. EDIT: Also I noticed that when I unplug the external pedal, the integrated pedal switches to exp 2 and gives a normal response. When i plug the external back again, the Helix pedal switches back to exp 1, but the external doesn't give a response.
  3. Thank you for your comment codamedia. EXP 2 Pedal position is set "Per Snapshot". The problem here is not that the value is for example 0% , when using a certain snapshot or patch. I can't get any response from the exp 2 unless I tweak the EXP2/EXT amp setting. And it is EXP2 by default.
  4. The integrated expression on my LT pedal broke down. I already contacted my dealer and my LT is hopefully going to be repaired soon. In the meantime I bought a YAMAHA FC7 expression pedal to do the job. It works fine, I just had to switch the polarity. I have the EXP 2/ EXT AMP control set to EXP 2 in on every preset. But every time i switch a patch Helix forgets the external pedal. I have to go through the global menu and "refresh" the EXP 2/ EXT AMP setting to get it work. This is extremely annoying during a live setup. Could not figure a workaround for this.
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