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  1. Anyone else not get the "ok" prompt? When the update failed message comes up all I get is a continue button that brings me to the home page of the updater and then I have to start it all over again and it does the same thing. I even tried rebooting and starting again with the same result. EDIT: Changed the USB port and that seemed to do it.
  2. To anyone else still having this issue come up from time to time... Even direct out to my monitors, it sounded dull. I reset all the breakers in my house and everything else suggested but only one thing worked. Usually when something is funky in my daw, I reset the sample rate by changing it to a different one and then back. Thats all I had to do with my Helix and it was back to normal. When I switched back to a specific snapshot it became muffled again and I switched the SR back and forth and it fixed it. I havent had an issue since. I never had this issue come up until I started setting my SR to 96k.
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