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  1. Hi akalchschmid, I was having the exact same problem when trying to connect an expression pedal AND a footswitch, using a dunlop mini x exp and a disaster area external momentary footswitch. (FSW4 worked fine, but the expression’s sweep would go from 0-100 when HALFWAY and then back to 0 at the toe position) I figured it out! (I realize we have different exp pedals but this still might help you) I took the bottom plate off the exp pedal and noticed two dip switches.. one toggles the aux output between tuner and expression (it was set correctly to exp) and the other dip toggles between tip and ring.. THAT’S IT To clarify, in my case, the problem was caused by having the “ring” side of the insert cable plugged into the exp pedal while its internal dip switch was set to “tip”. Once I switched it to ring, it behaved correctly.. (except that it worked backwards, but that was easily solved by the normal/inverted tip/ring options in the global settings menu. If your exp pedal isn’t able to switch between ring/tip, I’d try swapping the inputs between your exp and FSW (and of course make the necessary changes in preferences) Hope this helps you.
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