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  1. Lolol...Glenn Fricker never changes his mind about anything! But I don't care. I love the sound of the new update. It really IS a major improvement.
  2. Thank you Adam_T! I really appreciate the information. Wow what a difference!!
  3. I just upgraded to the new 2.00 software & did a factory reset to assure that I got all the new presets. Tried them out & they sound great. However, when I go to cab settings to look for the new "classic" setting, it's nowhere to be found. Do I need the newest Spider Remote? I can't download it from the website since I have an iPhone & an iPad & would need to get it from the App Store. It is not yet available there. Any suggestions?
  4. I just received an email from line6 support. You should now be able to delete a tone without getting the error messages. I tried it & it works!
  5. I found a way to delete tones but you have to go to the line6 website, sign in, then go to Custom Tones. Choose My Tones and select the tone you want to get rid of and delete it. Turn on your Spider, restart your app & the tone should be gone without the error messages.
  6. That may be true Rayk86ss but that still doesn't solve the problem. Perhaps if there was a way for users to access their account in the cloud itself, we might be able to delete the tones directly. I have an email in to support about this issue. Thanks for the feedback. It makes sense but am eagerly awaiting a response from line6.
  7. I have the same damn problem! The warnings don't go away until I delete the remote app & reinstall & then the previously "deleted" tones reappear. Now I have duplicates & even triplicates of the deleted tones. This happens on both my iPad 4 & iPhone 8+. Line 6 absolutely needs to fix this problem! I don't think they spend an awful lot of time working on the app. Support ARE YOU LISTENING??!!
  8. Well this happens on both my iPhone 8+ & iPad 4. I've tried it with both wifi & 4G & I keep getting the messages. The only way to get rid of them is to delete the Spider Remote app & reinstall. Problem is the patches that were "deleted" return & now there are TWO copies of the patch in "My Tones".
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