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  1. The problem with this argument is that if it is open source, any pull request with changes to source code that would brick anyone's Helix, let alone everyone's, would almost certainly be exposed and either declined or changes requred before it could be merged back into the master branch.
  2. What's funny about this response is that it's a red herring. Users of Mac will use software compiled for Mac. Users of Windows will use software compilied for Windows. Users of Linux will use software compiled for Linux. Users who would look at Linux with a blank stare wouldn't be using Linux software, but those who don't look at Linux with a blank stare would be. The argument is a distraction. I happen to use all three operating systems, but go to Linux and Mac first. What's also interesting is how much like Linux Mac is under the hood, but I doubt most of you Mac users have actually opened a terminal window to notice. At the very least, Line 6 could expose the underlying Helix core functionality to Linux developers so that Linux software to work with Helix can be developed. THAT is how you leverage the open source community! If Line 6 did that, I can almost guarantee that HeNIX Edit would arrive on the scene for people like me and the OP, possibly having solved problems we already wanted solved, and or a new feature set to solve problems we don't even know we have yet that the proprietary software doesn't support. That is also the beauty of open source. We have a whole world of devs at our finger tips. Line 6 only has who they employ.
  3. Hi ... I recently got a Helix and one of the problems I am having is with my Carvin/Kiesel AE185 guitar. It's an Acoustic/Electric with two outputs. One output is the Electric, the other is the Acoustic. What I am hoping to do is: Use the 1/4" Guitar Input for the Electric and the 1/4" Aux Input for the Acoustic. Have two paths, one which will have just the effects I use for the electric and the other having just the effects I use for the Acoustic. In a live scenario have complete L/R separation with the Electric output going to one side and its own external amp/cab; the Acoustic going to the other side and its own external amp/cab each on the 1/4" outputs. Use the Pan Exp Pedal to pan and blend between the two. My pre-Helix rig uses an Ernie Ball 6165 Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal to accomplish this. I could continue to do this, but I'm thinking the Helix should be able to do this while also providing more options Is this possible? Because I am not finding it. Can someone walk me through setting this up? Meanwhile, I'll keep looking through the Forums and on YouTube. I can't be the only person who needs to do this. Maybe I'll find what I need or have my "A-Ha!" moment as I sift through resources online. Thanks.
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