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  1. Thanks, Phil. I appreciate this. I will give it a try!
  2. I am embarrassed to have to ask this: I am presently running Native 1.81 and wish to update to 1.91. Has line 6 streamlined the installation to make it any easier since the last update? In the past (if I remember correctly) I had so save all of my patches, IRs, etc., install the update and then reinstall all of my stuff over again. Is this still the case? Either way, can someone remind me the of what the simplest way would be to update from 1.81 to 1.91? I have been searching all over and see info relating to updating Helix floor units but cannot seem to find good information on the latest Native update procedure.
  3. Soundog: This is good information. Thank you. I don't do a lot of automation with Logic Pro but I have agonized to setup midi foot controllers to work reliably with the snapshots in Helix Native. When I read that the Helix Native 1.81 had better midi integration this sounded like a win, since this had been a weak point in the past. I loaded 1.81 by simply running the .dmg file. Very smooth, and all of my original patches (which I also backed up) were all there right in place. Did Line 6 do anything miraculous with the 1.81. Factory Presets that might make them worth downloading? Factory presets are often unusable (IMO) so I wonder if it's worth the effort since I would have to reload all of my other patches if I do the necessary 'Restore Factory Setting' just to see if I like them.
  4. Soundog: I hesitated installing 1.81 for Native when I saw this KNOWN BUG listed on their update page: "Logic Pro X is currently unable to write snapshot or switch automation data for Helix Native". Do you use Logic Pro and has this been an issue for you? One of the main reasons that I was considering the switch to 1.81 was for the improved midi mapping.
  5. Thanks Soundog. I also thought about resorting to the alphabetical prefix in order to keep things in order. However, part of the problem (it seems) may simply be that my Mac (High Sierra) automatically reorders files when they are pasted into a folder. It looks like Mavericks might have addressed this with a new 'SORT BY' of "NONE" in folder choices, whereas High Sierra does not have a choice for "NONE" (see image below). Still investigating a way around this. This is an age old problem when attempting to save song titles in the original order of the album too.
  6. I too am updating to 1.80 in the moments to come on my Mac! Since I wanted to try the factory tones that come with 1.80 (although I'm not sure why) I thought I'd try to save my custom presets and IRs separately so that I could install the updated factory patches. While this may have been addressed in the past I am noticing that when I try to save, copy or move my IRs to a folder for backup they do not maintain their original order. Is there any way to force them to save their order so that I won't have to rearrange them all over again when I have to move them back to Native, other than by using the Save Bundle command?
  7. So THAT"S how it's done! Great tip and solid explanation. Thank you!
  8. Yup, there it is, right under options! Not sure how I missed that but thanks for your help with this and all of the other help you provide to so many others.
  9. I'm sorry for leaving that remnant of a post behind. Just after creating it I figured out the answer and it was such a silly oversight on my part that I tried to quickly delete the post altogether. Obviously I did not succeed in this as I was not able to find a way to delete the image or the header. Can you share a link with me or a suggestion as to how I might better handle something like this in the future? By the way: My issue was that I could not find a way to import a 'BUNDLE' back into Helix Native. I quickly learned that the Native user manual that I was referring to was from 2017 (as seen in the image above). The Native update to 1.71 (I believe) and its revised user manual of 2018 clearly addressed this for me, and I realized this moments after my post. For those who may still be interested you can get to the window seen in the image below by clicking on the little 'LED' on the very bottom left corner of the Helix Native editor window. This will open the window you see below. I am loving my Helix Native and I appreciate all of the great information that I have found in this forum! Happy weekend.
  10. Are you referring to the big round "VOLUME" knob right there on the face of the Helix unit? I'm not sure if that pertains to what I'm trying to do (but maybe). I am trying to adjust the patches internally in a way that will not change their existing character (or tone). I want to lower their output so that they are not so hot coming into my DAW. This is my goal. I am trying to figure out which control is the best one to use internally to accomplish this.
  11. Thank you for this. Perhaps you can tell me: If all of your Helix LT patches were too hot (as mine presently are) what control within Helix would you use to lower the output that would NOT effect the quality or tone of those patches? This is what I am trying to determine. Thanks again for your help.
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