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  1. Hello, I'm unfortunately selling my firehawk 1500 which is in 7/10 cosmetic condition (I played out with it for less than 8 gigs) but had no cover for it so it slid around on my truck liner a bit. Besides that it worse flawlessly and has never given me one issue. The FBV 3 is probably 8/10 condition but also works perfect. I would prefer local deal, I live in Welland, Ontario, Canada but I am willing to ship if a proper deal can be worked out. Asking 850 US for both
  2. I just purchased the Pod Hd500x with the L3T. My first gig with the new set up is this weekend and my band mics everything. I have looked at the manual and this may be a simple question to answer. I am using line 6 link between the pod and L3T with the L3T in guitar mode and the pod in combo pwr amp output. I have replicated 8 patches that will cover everything I need using the "pre" versions of the amp models. I am used to micing up my Mesa to the board. Does the L3T send the "guitar mode" signal to the board via xlr out or will the pre amp version of the modeled amps in the pod sound... well like a pre amp version going into a full range PA?
  3. I am a little late to the game here as I am a long time line 6 user who just played his last gig with his Mesa Roadster and just purchased the L3T/Pod Hd500x combo. I find (this being my personal opinion and sense of hearing) that using line 6 link with L3T in guitar mode and the pod output to combo pwr amp, using the amp "pre" sound the closest to my lost tube friend in response and the right "guitar" frequencies. I have read how some people find it bright or boxy sounding but I find it sounds closer to a true am in real life loud situations with a band than the more ear friendly "bedroom" settings that are pleasing in the bedroom or for recordings but get lost in real band situations. I know for a fact that if you take your real life guitar amp settings you use in a live situation with a full rock band and turn the volume down to practice level the sound isn't exactly inspiring compared to pushed power amp tubes working in conjunction with preamp tubes in all their glory. I am truly looking forward to the result this Saturday. Just my thoughts and experiences. I do have to say so far tone building I have had my most successful results by keeping it simple. .. making a patch based in what I would use in real life situations using the same principles I would use with my tube amp experiences. So I say kudos to line 6 for finally giving us weekend warrior guitar players the tools to go from hard rock band to acoustic patio gig with the same rig and making the sounds and tweaking even closer to their real counterparts.
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