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  1. pvandorp

    Helix Floor Volume Knob Usage

    Thanks! I just tested it and that works perfectly. Now the Volume Knob is not so sensitive and I can play with the Volume on the Helix and on the Amp to get the desired sound.
  2. pvandorp

    Helix Floor Volume Knob Usage

    Thanks for your reply. That's what I thought. I'll tell them that ;-). I just want to be prepared for when I get there. Excellent! I'll give this a try. Getting enough Volume will definitely not be the issue. It will be more about the amount of Volume that will be added with the slightest movement of the Volume knob on the Helix. I found that it becomes very sensitive and will increase the Volume a lot at the slightest touch.
  3. pvandorp

    Helix Floor Volume Knob Usage

    Hi everyone, I have a Helix Floor unit and in December I'll be using it for my first ever gig. I've been looking into Volume Leveling of patches and presets, but I can't seem to find any (pleasing) information about how to use the Volume knob on the Helix. The information I found so far suggests I should turn the Volume knob al the way up as I plug the Helix in Front-of-House (PA) and adjust it to get the right volume. Now, I've been told that at the venue of the gig there will be a mic'ed up Marshall half stack where I can plug the Helix Output into the FX Loop's Return to make use of the power section of the Amp (Front-of-House would probably not work out for some reason). I also should bypass any Speaker emulation in the Helix because it will sound weird this way. I tried a similar setup last night and found that my overall Volume went way up. I needed to set the Master Volume on the Amp to 1 and the Volume knob on the Helix to around 10 o'clock and that was already louder than before. Is this normal? Can anyone point me to good information about the use of the Volume knob on the Helix?
  4. pvandorp

    Is variax dead?

    Now the estimate delivery date is set back to 'unknown' again. I'll keep you posted.
  5. pvandorp

    Is variax dead?

    Estimated delivery for new orders on the Andertons website is now December 31, 2019.
  6. pvandorp

    Is variax dead?

    Of course. I made a typo. I ordered the JTV-89F :-). Mistake corrected ;-)
  7. pvandorp

    Is variax dead?

    Yes, I still see them in the catalogs of online stores, but they are marked 'unavailable for order'. I just think the retailer do not want to burn themselves on long waiting periods (which can not be estimated). But if they were discontinued they would have been deleted altogether. Good to know. I hope I can rock my JTV-89F with my Helix soon ;-)
  8. pvandorp

    Is variax dead?

    I ordered a JTV-89F last month on Andertons. The order was confirmed by Line6, but they cannot provide Andertons/me with an estimated delivery date. I'll keep you posted when I receive it.