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  1. Hi everyone, I think the best way to record with Helix is directly through USB. It gives me the most options and it is easiest to set up. However, sometimes we cannot connect through USB, because we are a someone else's studio, for instance. In that case we need to connect through an external Audio Interface (AI). When I connect my 1/4" OUT on the Helix directly to my AI (Behringer UMC404HD, but also tried this with my friend's Audient) I find that the sounds are extremely compressed. Neither the AI nor the DAW (Cubase) show that the signal is clipping, but still it sounds horrible. I'm experiencing the same thing when connecting my headphones directly to the Helix. I read that this may be cause due to the impedance of the headphones, so I bought myself a brand new set of Beyerdynamics DT770 PRO (250 Ohm) headphones, but I'm still experiencing the same thing. I tried changing the output level from Line to Instrument and also match this on the AI, but it does not resolve the compression (just lowers the volume slightly). I also tried lowering the output level on the Output block in my signal path, but this also only lowers the volume (as does the Volume Knob on the Helix). I also played with the Guitar In-Z setting on the Input block in my signal path. That seems to have some influence, but the sound is still very compressed and nowhere near how it sounds through the Power section of my amp. (I know there will always be a difference, but it really sounds uncontrollable and horribly distorted) I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what it is. I hope someone in this forum can help me out find the right settings.
  2. Exactly that. I’m starting to worry about support as well. What if this is the very last batch and something turns out to be wrong with them? How long will we have to wait for support? Anyway, just wanted to let you know that as of today, after receiving the same dissatisfying answer from Andertons, I let go of the ‘dream rig’ dream and cancelled my order with Andertons and asked for a refund. I’ll go with a nice Ibanez S Series instead, which satisfies half of my wishes (playability and trem system) and is in stock in NL. Although I’m still very happy with my Helix and Helix Native, I won’t be pursuing any Line 6 products (like Variax or PowerCab) any more in the near future. Not because I have to wait a long time, but for keeping me in the dark. I feel I have tried everything to get a reasonable estimate (both directly with Line 6 and through my retailer), but without result.
  3. I didn't see the special price notification anymore just now. Maybe it was a glitch in the website. I did see that Sweetwater still has them in stock, but is US. In the EU (and UK) I can't find them anymore either.
  4. Please don't take this personally. In fact, I value your responses in these forums highly and I appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping us informed. I also realize that this forum is probably not the right place to vent my frustrations. I have every bit of sympathy for delays due to factory strikes, lockdowns, trade wars, standards, etc. (even human errors). The thing that is bothering me is the lack of formal communication and transparency needed to keep the trust of the customer (me). I realize that my retailer (Andertons) has an important role to play in this as well, but they tell me that they get the same answers that I get and that there is no estimated delivery date. I have never received an estimated delivery date and I don't receive updated delivery dates or updates about delays. If you were in my shoes, you would get worried after 8 months too, wouldn't you? How many consumers would buy a product (whatever it may be), pay over 1000 EUR for it while not knowing when they will receive their purchase? In this case, I didn't even get to try it out! That shows the level of trust, people put in your company, but it also demands a great deal of responsibility. Line 6 has got a really unique product with the Variax and I think the JTV's are a lot better looking and of higher quality even than the Standard ones. Personally, the Variax technology is part of my buying decision. Playability and the Floyd Rose tremolo was also an important other factor. There are other brands of guitars out there that offer the last two factors as well and, in my opinion, look even better than the JTV-89f, but I chose the JTV-89F because of the added value of the Variax technology. So yes, I'd be willing to wait. But not 'indefinitely' and after 8 months patiently waiting, I would like to have an answer as to when my guitar is expected to be delivered. It will shape my decision, whether to continue to wait for this awesome technology, or let go of that dream and go for the other specs that are also important to me and more realistic. I realize that you probably don't have any influence on production/delivery process. That is why I also created a support ticket. But I'm a bit concerned that this is only technical support and that they cannot help me with this either. That is why I vent my frustration here on the forum too, hoping that someone within Line 6 can reach out to the people responsible for production/delivery or communications/customer satisfaction and pass on this feedback. After I talk to support I will contact my retailer as well and I will discuss this with them too. If I don't have a reasonably satisfying answer by then, I will also go over my options for cancelling this order all together. (which I really don't want to do). Please stay safe.
  5. What does that mean, ‘indefinitely’? I paid my guitar in full (over a €1000,-) September 4 2019. I understand that many things can go wrong, but I have never encountered a supplier that could not give a delivery estimate to their paying customer. Like I mentioned before, even Ali Express (notorious for slow deliveries and bad estimates) does deliver within an estimated period of time. Even while facing Corona and other crises. I ordered the guitar in good faith, trusting Line 6 to deliver. But the lack of insight in their production/delivery process starts to worry me now. I will contact support again and Anderson’s as well. If support cannot give me a reasonable explanation or estimate for delivery, I even consider exploring the options to cancel my order with Anderson’s. I hope you understand my frustration.
  6. Depends on what the occasion will be. If it's next year's birthday, than you'll probably be fine if you can find a retailer that still sells it ;-). That is the 'older' models. I think the Shuriken and Standard are still very much available. Don;t know about delivery times of those models. I ordered my JTV-89F early September 2019 and they can still not give me an estimate, which annoys me a lot. If it takes a long time, it takes a long time. But please be honest and give me an acceptable reason. Last time it was US Tariffs (I ordered mine in the UK!?). This time the excuse will probably be Corona virus (even Ali Express still delivers faster ;-)).
  7. Yes, I'm still waiting too. My next buy would be the PowerCab 212 Plus, but I'm kind of afraid because of the wait times...
  8. I thought these JTVs where manufactured in Korea? Can't remember where I read that, though... My rep at Andertons now tells me they estimate April 2020, but nothing is confirmed yet. I don't understand, when the normal flow is returning, this still takes over 5 months.
  9. Andertons now indicates 31 January 2020 :( Don't know if this means all previous orders will be delivered then too or only the new ones, but this sucks! Not even a nice Christmas present then :-((
  10. Btw. + I asked my source again and he explained to me it was not so much that it wasn't possible to run through FOH, but more the fact that I wouldn't be able to hear myself. At that venue the monitor situation apparently sucks. So it makes sense to do it this way so at least I have the output of the Amp blowing at my knees :-D.
  11. Thanks! I just tested it and that works perfectly. Now the Volume Knob is not so sensitive and I can play with the Volume on the Helix and on the Amp to get the desired sound.
  12. Thanks for your reply. That's what I thought. I'll tell them that ;-). I just want to be prepared for when I get there. Excellent! I'll give this a try. Getting enough Volume will definitely not be the issue. It will be more about the amount of Volume that will be added with the slightest movement of the Volume knob on the Helix. I found that it becomes very sensitive and will increase the Volume a lot at the slightest touch.
  13. Hi everyone, I have a Helix Floor unit and in December I'll be using it for my first ever gig. I've been looking into Volume Leveling of patches and presets, but I can't seem to find any (pleasing) information about how to use the Volume knob on the Helix. The information I found so far suggests I should turn the Volume knob al the way up as I plug the Helix in Front-of-House (PA) and adjust it to get the right volume. Now, I've been told that at the venue of the gig there will be a mic'ed up Marshall half stack where I can plug the Helix Output into the FX Loop's Return to make use of the power section of the Amp (Front-of-House would probably not work out for some reason). I also should bypass any Speaker emulation in the Helix because it will sound weird this way. I tried a similar setup last night and found that my overall Volume went way up. I needed to set the Master Volume on the Amp to 1 and the Volume knob on the Helix to around 10 o'clock and that was already louder than before. Is this normal? Can anyone point me to good information about the use of the Volume knob on the Helix?
  14. Now the estimate delivery date is set back to 'unknown' again. I'll keep you posted.
  15. Estimated delivery for new orders on the Andertons website is now December 31, 2019.
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